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Magento Video Tutorials #16 – How To Manage Your Customers


The 16th tutorial for Magento Commerce Community Edition. This tutorial shows you how to manage and create customers in the backend of Magento. Read More »

Magento Video Tutorials #15 – Managing and Understanding Tags


The 15th tutorial for Magento Commerce Community Edition. This tutorial shows you how to add tags and manage them for your products. Read More »

Set quality of magento product images


You want to reduce quality of some product images for different purposes, like improve site’s performance, improve user’s experience… So. have you ever questioned how to set quality of magento catalog product images directly in template files? There is no need to duplicate and edit core files or adapters. New method called setQuality has been implemented since Magento CE 1.4 ... Read More »

How to show product discount percent in Magento


For many business, discount is a smart way to encourage customers to buy more products, it’s also a good way to increase customer’s loyalty to your store. In case you want to display Product Discount percent in product page, follow this  tutorial: Open app/design/frontend/yourpackage/yourtheme/template/catalog/product/price.phtml Find: [crayon-5956f76b14b12319935155/] Add above it: [crayon-5956f76b14b17117368848/] The result will be: You can also stylize it with CSS to get something ... Read More »

How to display video on Magento product page

Sometimes, there’re special products that need to be explain via Video, in this case, you will probably want to embed a video to your product page. So how to do this in Magento? There are many extension that can help with this, unfortunately, sometimes the extensions do not meet our requirements or design tasks because it will change your site’s ... Read More »

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