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Magento Infographic, Evolution, and Worldwide Magento Usage


Magento is a flexible and scalable eCommerce solution with an open-source platform that allows companies to easily customize their online stores to their liking. Including the world’s most popular brands, there are over 150,000 businesses using this fast growing solution to help their company succeed. With this cost effective platform, businesses are available to specialized features, multiple stores, and many ... Read More »

Useful guides for email templates and Magento website


Studies show that more than half of emails were opened on a mobile device in the first half of 2013 and eMarketer predicts that eCommerce sales from tablets and mobile devices will reach almost 25% by 2017. However, seven out of ten recipients will delete an email if it doesn’t look good or work well on their tablet or smartphone, ... Read More »

New Magento eBook: The Rules (and Tools) for Successful Customer Engagement


Learn tips and strategies you can use to drive repeat sales and brand loyalty Just a few short years ago, customer engagement meant attracting customers with the promise of great deals and moving them as quickly as possible to checkout. Now, with almost endless product choices, media channels, and new shopping experiences vying for customers’ attention, customer engagement is about ... Read More »

Magento Video Tutorials (Part 50) – Moving Many Products At Once To A Category


This 50th tutorial shows you how to move many products at once to a new or different category. Read More »

What is responsive web design with Magento?


Response is a natural behavior of humans and animals. Without it, people can’t communicate with others and express themselves. It’s a primitive human need and it has been present since birth, and this need never regresses. In the world of today, people need it more than ever. That is the reason why there are so many high-speed technologies being developed ... Read More »

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