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Adding custom tabs to magento product admin


In Magento eCommerce, it is possible to add new attributes to product models and edit the values for these attributes on the Product edit page. This is fine if we only want to add standard data (attributes) to a product, but what if we wanted to do something a little different? This article explains how to build a simple custom ... Read More »

How to use google web fonts in your magento theme


If you are not familiar with google web fonts this link is a good starting point. Google fonts library has more than 500 fonts and still growing. Using google web fonts will greatly increase visual appeal of your website. Step First First of all, we need to get list of available fonts. Here is sample script to get list of fonts separated by comma. ... Read More »

How to set up Magento CRON Job


What is Cron? Cron jobs are automated events that are triggered by the server. A lot of people think that the Magento cron job runs automatically – but this is not the case. Cron is a time-based job scheduler in Unix-like operating systems. It functions similarly to Windows Task Scheduler in that it allows you to specify actions to be ... Read More »

How to install extensions in Magento


How to install extensions in Magento? The first thing to do here is to find the extension you need installed: http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect When you have located the extension you will be installing ensure that it is compatible with the release of the store you are using: Note that an extension which is not compatible with the store release you are using may ... Read More »

Create new simple magento module “HelloWorld” in Magento


Do you want to create a new page in Magento yourself ? or Do you want to create a new module in Magento yourself ? If yes, Then ok, just spend 10 minutes and follow the steps below . Objectives: I will create a new page in Magento whose output will be “Hello World ! I am a Magento Guy..”. Target: Create a new ... Read More »

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