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Magento Front Controller


I’ve been working a lot with the Magento commerce system lately, and thought I’d share. The following is from an answer I gave on Stack Overflow to the question about Magento Front Controller. How does Magento Code work? First and foremost, I highly recommend you buy the Magento: Beginner’s Guide – Second Edition. It’s the only straight forward “Here’s how ... Read More »

How to change favicon of your magento site

magento favicon

Changing favicon of a magento site is very easy without making any changes to code. This tutorial will show you how to change favicon of your magento site First method: Go to System->configuration->Design Under design open HTML Head Tab and upload your favicon ico and Click Save Config Button Second Method: To change the favicon ico in magento to paste your favicon ico instead of magento favicon ico(remove magento favicon ... Read More »

How to create a custom block in Magento


This is a quick 6 step tutorial on how to create a custom block in Magento. STEP 1: Global module configuration Create your custom block configuration xml file inside the app/etc/modules/ directory. I named mine Gravitywell_All.xml. [crayon-5956f71d57919206513247/] STEP 2: Directories Create the correct directories for your module: [crayon-5956f71d57924913329971/] STEP 3: Module configuration Add your module configuration file. This should be named config.xml and placed insideapp/code/local/Gravitywell/Example/etc. ... Read More »

Magento Video Tutorial #63 – Adding A Home Link To The Main Navigation

magento video tutorial 63

The 63rd magento video tutorial for Magento Commerce Community Edition. This tutorial shows you how to use add a “Home” link to the main navigation.   Read More »

Magento Enterprise Edition announcement


Building on the performance and scalability improvements released earlier this year, Magento Enterprise Edition advances overall product quality and eases operations by providing significant tax calculation updates, a wide range of functional improvements, and several security enhancements. Highlights include: Tax Calculation Improvements We made many tax improvements for shopper-facing pages in Magento Enterprise Edition In this latest release, ... Read More »

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