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5 best Magento extensions to boost sales

If you are a online store owner, I bet there’s one question that always stays on your mind is “How to boost sales?”. Nowadays, with the development of  Ecommerce, there’re many tools that help boost your sales in different ways.

Well, I will keep this part super-short and take you directly to the list of 5 amazing Magento extensions that help boost your sales.

1. One Step Checkout

This is a must-have extension for every Magento store, it helps reduce the amount of Magento default checkout steps to just 1. Your customers can finish their checkout process very quickly, which helps increase conversion rate of your store.



2. Megamenu

Megamenu helps to build not only a professional looking menu, but also an informative one. Mega Menu makes your eCommerce site more convincing with a professional and organized menu display, showing product thumbnail images and price / description right on the menu. This extension allows customers to find to their desired products more quickly, increase the likelihood of buying something from your store



3. Rewardpoints

Did you know that returning customers can contribute up to 60% of your total sales? It costs 6 – 7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. Returning customers are those who had already purchased your products, they know who you are and how you deal with customers, that’s why they can make purchase decision more quickly than new customers. Rewardpoints extension encourages customers to return to your store by giving them loyalty points when interacting on your store.



4. Affiliate

Have you heard about Affiliate program? Yes, this is a well-known marketing strategy, you will have a powerful sale force if you can run and maintain a health and effective affiliate program for your online store. One report points out that the worldwide affiliate marketing industry is worth $6.5 billion across sectors including retail, personal finance, gaming, gambling, travel, telecom, education, publishing, and forms of lead generation. By installing Affiliate extension, you will have a in-house affiliate program right on your store and visitors can sign up as affiliates to sell your products for commission.



5. Auction

This extension helps to create online auction for your Magento store. Like real auctions, customers can bid to get the products they want, you can totally modify the setting of the online auction such as: when it expires, Run auction for a product or run many auctions at the same time, “Going, going and gone” feature, Reserved price and Auto bid



Are you also running a Magento store? I’d love to hear from those who have been successful with their Magento store about what extensions you are using for your online business and don’t forget to share this article if you find it helpful

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Brian is a freelance Magento developer with 5 years of experience with customizing Magento extensions, magento themes. He's interested in sharing Magento Tutorials to the community


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