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6 Most Important Factors of a Successful Magento Theme

As buying products at home is a great way to save a lot of time and efforts, the popularity of eCommerce has largely grown lately. With the rise of this tendency, sellers focused on creating top-notch sites that would ensure smooth shopping experience for their customers and let them stay ahead in a competitive environment. To build successful online stores, the majority of developers choose Magento. Scalable and flexible in its nature, this content management system has many handy features allowing merchants to run multifunctional web resources.

However, a proper choice of the software is not enough to succeed in the sphere of online shopping. The next thing to pay close attention to is getting the right design for your web store. This task can be accomplished in two ways, either by ordering a custom design or by using a Magento theme. And if you prefer the second option, here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the right Magento theme for your eCommerce business.

Responsive Design

Today, people often use tablets and smartphones to order items on the Internet, that’s why online retailers need to target users of mobile devices. The best solution to this challenge is a Magento theme with responsive design, as it allows for automatic adaptation of web pages and all of their elements to different display sizes. In such a way, you will provide optimal user experience for everyone who visits your site via a handheld gadget and, therefore, represent your merchandise flawlessly.

Simple Navigation

The easier customers can browse through your site, the longer they will stay there. Moreover, the higher your chances are that they will decide to buy something eventually. Thus, you should opt for a Magento commerce template comprising features that can facilitate navigation of your online store. As an example, take a look at this Computer Store Responsive Magento Theme designed by TemplateMonster. It combines a dropdown menu, back-to-top button, and advanced search, which will make it easier for shoppers to scroll through its layout and let them find necessary products in no time. Click here to check the best eCommerce templates in terms of simple navigation.

computer store responsive magento theme

Customers’ Feedback

Small stores have problems in competing with those enjoying wide recognition in the community of online shoppers. But, how did large retailers manage to attain a reliable image for their inventory? No wonder, one of the most effective strategies to establish a trustworthy reputation is to show customers’ laudatory feedback to the audience. So, if you want to get a successful eCommerce site design, choose a theme that comes with a built-in commenting system. In such a way, you will allow buyers to share their humble opinions about your products, which will inspire other people’s trust in your merchandise.

Catchy Call-to-Action Strategy

Driven by a wrong belief, many online retailers turn to various tricks that can help them mask their invitations to a purchase. But, as a matter of fact, it’s vital to give customers a good push to motivate them to acquire your items. And a prominent call-to-action button is what you need for that. When you select a Magento template for your site, make sure the mentioned element stands out against the entire background and attracts attention to itself. Here’s a striking example of a theme with visible call-to-action buttons that no shopper will be able to ignore. Presented against the light background, these red elements will strike eyes of everyone who shows up on a site built with the Gala Fragrancy Responsive Magento Theme

gala fragrancy responsive magento theme

Social Media Integration

Since a breakthrough of social media a few years ago, almost everyone seems to have become a user of social networks. Due to such an incredible popularity, they have turned into powerful marketing tools and the largest sources of traffic. For that reason, it’s a must to pick the Magento theme providing social media integration. With the help of this functionality, you will have an opportunity to spread the word about your business among the broad audience effortlessly.***

Clever Imagery

As a visual aspect of a site plays a key role in catching fancy of web surfers, you should obtain a template with attractive imagery in sliders, banners, headers, footers, and other places. Thus, you will have an opportunity to give a special touch to your online store and produce a positive first impression on clients. Look how skillfully pictures are chosen for the following Jewelry Magento Responsive Theme. Setting a perfect harmony with the template’s palette, they add elegance to the store atmosphere.

jewelry magento responsive themeNo doubt, choosing the best design for your eCommerce site is vitally important for your business, and we hope our tips will facilitate your efforts dramatically. But if you know some other key points of a successful Magento theme, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below, please.

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