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Consummate Sources For Optimizing Your Magento Store For Mobiles

If you own a Magento store, but doesn’t possess an equivalent mobile solution, there is a great probability that you are missing on a colossal mobile user base.

In this mobile age, mobile presence has become as significant as a web presence. With mobile devices that allow users to conveniently access the online stores on the go, creating a mobile optimized site can always leverage businesses. Thus, online retailers can rev up their ROI and conversion rate by creating a mobilized Magento store.

Indubitably, m-commerce has proven its benefits over e-commerce by enticing a wider audience base, and the utile offerings of Magento platform is already dominating the eCommerce industry. Therefore, by creating a mobile-friendly Magento store, online retailers can generate greater sales and profits.

Here is an absolute guide for ensuring a surefire responsive Magento store.

A word of caution: Before tinkering with your existing Magento website, it is advisable to take backup of your entire site. In fact, it is believed that one must take back ups at regular intervals to ensure minimal loss of data if ever the site crashes.

There are several ways to make a Magento website mobile optimized. Let’s delve into a few of the best available options.

By implementing extensions

Mobify is a prolific tool for making a Magento eCommerce store responsive. Similar to an analytical tag, this tool also integrates into an online store whilst making certain necessary changes in the presentation layer of the store. It ultimately offers a better UX for mobile users, irrespective of their devices. The service also depends over predictive loading and other technologies that affects a site’s performance.

counch commcerce

Couch commerce is yet another proficient tool that helps obtain a fully responsive Magento website. This solution can be implemented either as a service over a unique Enterprise SaaS platform or as a self hosted solution. It is an open source and customizable technology that delivers highly scalable results. There are numerous benefits of implementing this service, including, third party integrations, constant updates, enhanced scalability, continuous optimization, to name a few.

The advanced toolkit that ensures an astonishing mobile friendly Magento store adds to a sustainable m-commerce solution. Whether you need a remarkable website or app for tablet or smartphones powered by different mobile platforms like iOS, Android, etc. It offers numerous features like Store locators, Daily deals, Barcode, Push Notifications, Mobile Image Recognition, QR code scanners, Returns and Exchanges, Mobile Coupons, and a lot more.

By implementing responsive theme


Proto is an ultimate Magento theme that is completely worth its price. This Ajax theme comes complete with 14 distinct Homepage layouts to choose from and offers unlimited Header styles. The powerful Admin Panel ensures a great control to the owner, so that one can easily manage their Magento store even via their mobile devices. It is quite simple to install, and features single click demo installation. Along with RTL support, this premium theme offers unlimited options for color skin, you can choose one that best suits the look and feel of your store.

This is another absolute theme that delivers responsive results for Magento websites. It adheres to the Magento guidelines and ensures a smooth and consistent performance on every device. This theme is backed by 15 resourceful Magento extensions that add to its superior functionalities and advanced CSS3 that is sure to take your site a notch higher with an attractive visual appeal. Moreover, the theme supports all popular browsers while making the site search engine optimized and load quickly. You can improve the look and feel of your Magento store, and efficiently reach your mobile as well as desktop audiences. It will definitely help boost the shopping experience and rev up conversions and sales.

  • Artworks


Artworks is also a responsive Magento theme that is admired for its ultimate design and customizability. It offers numerous features, including list view, grid view, mega menu, retina-ready icon fonts to ensure easy readability (especially, on mobile devices), and so forth. The theme supports multiple languages, thus you can conveniently target people from different countries. It is easy to install and is a great value for money.


The importance of a responsive design is no more hidden from anyone. For online retailers, who are seeking solutions to bring their Magento store on mobile devices, this article offers a few utile resources that deliver amazing results, while adding to the credibility of your Magento store. You can implement any of the method that best suits your needs and improve conversions and profits.

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