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Ebook: MAGENTO HOSTING Best Practices for Optimum Performance

Magento is a very popular and powerful eCommerce platform with very demanding resource requirements. While it will run out of the box using default configuration settings, extensive post-installation configuration is recommended to achieve optimal site performance (especially for high volume sites).
This white paper is meant as a guide for you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Magento installation by using best practices developed through real-world experience at Nexcess, where we’ve been working with the platform since 2007. We outline the differences between default and/or popular available configurations, listing the benefits and drawbacks of these changes, and what we’ve found to be optimal for scaling Magento.

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These different configurations are extensively benchmarked showing the benefits between configuration op-tions and the maximum performance available from each chosen setting.
Using the configuration information contained within this white paper, a load-balanced web server cluster run-ning Magento Enterprise is able to process over 550 transactions per second (equating to more than 47 million transactions per day). Further performance is obtained by utilizing the Nexcess Turpentine plug-in (with the Varnish reverse proxy), which can provide up to 6,940 transactions per second (over 600 million transactions per day).
All system-level configuration filesare provided at the end of this document and show the exact system settings and application configuration parameters used. All benchmark application test configurations are also provided to show exactly how each test was run and how, if necessary, each can be reproduced

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