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Free stuff for Magento and Giveaway from different providers, you can find lots of free magento themes, templates, extensions and code here.

Mastering Magento Theme Design ebook

mastering magento theme design ebook

Mastering Magento Theme Design ebook pdf epub explores Magento theme design from basic theme structures to an advanced options panel, and provides you with the advanced knowledge that you need on the front-end of this great CMS. We hope after reading this ebook, you will have a strong background on Magento theme design, especially on Responsive design for Magento – world’s ... Read More »

Magento Search Engine optimization free ebook pdf

magento search engine optimization free ebook pdf

An Overview of Magento Search Engine optimization ebook Optimize your store for search engines in other countries and languages Enhance your product and category pages Resolve common SEO issues within Magento What you will learn from this book Adjust the default Magento configuration to benefit SEO Understand which of Magento’s many pages is best to optimize for certain types of ... Read More »

Express Web Application Development Free Ebook PDF

Express Web Application Development

Overview Exploring all aspects of web development using the Express framework Starts with the essentials Expert tips and advice covering all Express topics In Detail Express is a minimal and flexible node.js web application framework, providing a robust set of features for building single and multi-page, and hybrid web applications. It provides a thin layer of features fundamental to any ... Read More »

HTML5 for Flash Developers Free Ebook

html5 for flash developers

HTML5 for Flash Developers ebook helps leverage your Flash skill set and learn to create content using a wide range of HTML5 web development features Overview Discover and utilize the wide range of technologies available in the HTML5 stack Develop HTML5 applications with external libraries and frameworks Prepare and integrate external HTML5 compliant media assets into your projects In Detail As ... Read More »

Mastering Magento Free Magento Ebook

Mastering Magento free eBook

Mastering Magento requires using little known or used tricks. This paperback ebook will tell you which are these secrets and teach you how to use them so you can make the most out of your online store.   Overview Learn how to customize your Magento store for maximum performance Exploit little known techniques for extending and tuning your Magento installation. ... Read More »

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