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How to setup a magento multi language website?

Many Magento store owners are running a store that sells products to different countries. In this case, we essentially need a store that runs in different languages.Magento-multi-language

In this tutorial, we’ll go through how to create a Magento multiple-language website in two languages: English and French.

Step 1: Create two stores

First, we need to create 2 stores before assigning languages to them.

In admin section, go to System menu ->Manage Store and create two stores.multiple language website with Magento

Step 2: Select language for each store

Assigning language you want for each store you’re just set up. In admin section, go to System menu -> Configuration. First, select a store in the top left corner, then you can assign a language for that store in locale dropdown.

Magento multiple language website

Step 3: Create locale package for each language

Create two folders: en_US and fr_FR in app/locale folder and set language for your store hereMagento multiple language

Step 4: Check if everything works

Now you can go to the front-end and see how your magento multi language store works. It will be like this

multiple language store

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    Is this possible to add a language not listed in official Mangeto language support?

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    such a good tutorial, but i got some issue, when i change the language just works in the current page when i start to navigate magento set the language by default, how can i keep the language that i have selected?

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