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Luckia Bookmaker Review Luckia terme conseill? is one of the leading online and traditional sports betting operators in Spain. The target market is Spain and Latin America and the firm has more than 35 years of experience in the gaming market. It is the commercial arm of Luckia Gaming Group, the third-largest gaming group in Spain. In addition to its on the web operation, it also operates four casinos and 76 video gaming establishments in the country and runs casinos in Chile, Columbia, Peru, and Croatia. It employs more than 3, 500 staff and with more than several, 500 ‘high street’ parts of sale it`s a large, well-researched and respected operation. The site focusses on Spanish punters yet once you advance above its homepage it means nine other languages; largely European but also which include Chinese. Another nice feel – one that doesn’t show up regularly enough in the bookie market – is the range of how you wish your odds to be presented: fractional, decimal or American. Simple yet effective. Less important, nonetheless also a nice touch certainly is the ability to set a default time-zone. As you would expect from a company that’s been around the block, the bonuses on offer for new and existing punters are alluring and sound, and generally, the internet site gives off an air of confidence and competence. It knows its stuff and knows that it knows its stuff. The site’s homepage, unlike many of its opponents, gives equal prominence to everyone if its wares yet is still set against a sporting backdrop; the wagering page being the initial port of call for many punters. In addition to sports betting, Luckia offers live gambling bets, casinos, and slots. It gives you the wide range of sports you might expect from an established webpage – from betting upon good old Aussie Rules before the many and varied winter sports and almost everything in between – and a tasty array of live bets, some of which can be watched unfolding by way of a live stream. Stay Classy The homepage is pleasing to the eye and looks classy and uncomplicated. There’s a color ad – one that highlights the main sporting event through the day and the bonus offers for brand spanking new bettors – and an obvious link to betting, live different roulette games, slots, promotions, a fanzine-type page and an interesting blog page section. And that is pretty much it. The minimalist look is useful and, with a raison d’?tre of luring punters in the site’s inner sanctum, it does its job perfectly. Everything performs nicely, each link takes you to precisely where you expect to become, and the uncomplicated theme can be consistent throughout the site. In the interest of this review, we can, of course , concentrate on the gambling pages. The sports web page has a sidebar on possibly side and a body that concentrates on the day’s events, as seems to have become the bookie norm. It’s a regular look but standard to get a reason. Punters like to have all the info they need for their wager close at hand and without having to think too hard. On that credit score, Luckia bookmaker delivers having a touch more class than many of its competitors. The left sidebar headlines with all the featured sports of the day; every one a single click away out of opening a full page that lists all the events for your sport. What it then does very nicely above the report on the matches, is give a menu for each of the several bet types. For example , in the event that La Liga is your selected competition then they offer seven different types of bet, ranging from the standard win/lose to a range of diverse bets pertaining to red and yellow cards. This structure is applied consistently to each sport. Below the featured activities, there is a ‘live betting’ icon that takes you straight through to a page showing the fits and events taking place friendly. It’s crammed full of all the bets you would expect, including some generous looking Over/Under offerings, each one both giving a live text upgrade (via a ‘match tracker’) on the game as it comes about or, in some cases, a live on the net. For those who enjoy the live bets experience, this is as good as this gets. The left sidebar is complete with the usual extensive listing of all the sports protected on Luckia bookmaker and an ‘Information’ section which includes three live links: Benefits, Statistics, and Live Ratings. Eye-Catching Options Moving on the main body of the site, it continues in its unique understated yet quietly superior way. The bright hues are reserved for a four-way rolling betting ‘highlights with the day’ section at the top, which usually selects four of the most tempting fixtures of the day (two sports matches, and two baseball matches on the day of this review) to grab the attention of the impulsive bettor. Underneath this striking header is a listing, match-by-match, of more ‘betting highlights’; a selection of matches from unique sports scheduled to take that same day. A single simply click any of the chosen fixtures opens the page to a gorgeous array of bets; in fact , virtually any bet imaginable, from the classic to the obscure, with almost every betting strategy catered for. Under the betting highlights is yet another listing of the day’s Friendly Betting options, each beautifully arranged sport-by-sport with the quantity of live events in each. For those who like to bet in-play, Luckia bookmaker has every one of the info you need, including all of the usual stats and info provided by Sportradar. Finally, we have a section for ‘last a few minutes bets’; self-explanatory and is intended for those wishing to place an eleventh-hour bet before a match or event commences. The right-hand sidebar contains the betting slip but previously mentioned it is an interesting little screen that for Spanish punters plays live streams of events and, if a live online is unavailable, a match tracker that offers a blow-by-blow account of the action in real time. This sidebar is filled with some ads, highlighting their various promotions and offers, and a straightforward schedule of the day’s events, listing the sport and the event’s start time. The Techie Bit The whole site is usually well designed and has a great feel, and if betting on the move is your thing Luckia bookmaker have that covered as well. In keeping with most bookies, the website renders neatly on every one of the latest Android mobile phones, Google android tablets, iPhones and iPads and there are also excellent Android and iOS apps available to punters. In 2016 they enhanced their sports platform to top-tier provider SBTech, which represented another key level in Luckia’s strategy of any rapidly growing market share in Spain and beyond. This further solidified that which was already a quality site. The bonuses on offer generally vary but the welcome bonus for new punters is a tempting one, publicized as free bets as high as €200. In fact , the initial offer is equivalent to a 50% bonus offer on your first bet (up to a maximum of €100), nevertheless, you then have 30 days to generate at least 10 different bets that equate to at least value of €200 using a stake of €2. 00 or higher. You then receive a further €100 in 10 no cost bets of €10. Regarding its odds, Luckia bookmaker sits slap bang in the center of the market. Value can surely be found, usually in the extra obscure markets, but when contrasting odds with their competitors, in the time this review, for the top events, they were fair without being over-generous. Customer liaison may retirar dinero en luckia be a strength of Luckia bookmaker and there is a very efficient and helpful 24/7 live chat helpline that deals with most requests and questions in one go, without the need for prolonged email interactions. Also, because Luckia is somewhat more than just an online operation and get betting shops scattered across Spain, there is also the ability to pick up on any query face-to-face and get it resolved without the need pertaining to online interaction. Cash-out in Luckia bookmaker is an automated process and so unless you will discover queries, IT issues or outstanding documents, this is generally at the fast end with the scale and payouts are invariably processed within a day. Final Verdict Luckia bookmaker is known as a well designed, well organised, and well-run site. Based on its years of experience, it is secure in its own skin and provides off an air of confidence. Unlike some of its rivals, it doesn’t rely on fancy, in-your-face graphics and outrageous offers but instead gives off an air of calm and, in wagering terms, a touch of class. The lay-out is logical, nice and its intuitive style would make betting easy for both the skilled punter and the newbie. It is link-up with Sportradar provides it with a fantastic range of stats, info and information, and that leaves no stone unturned in offering the punter a top-class betting knowledge. It’s quick to play the ‘high-street bookie’ card and quite right too; it offers Luckia a standing in the industry that’s the envy of other sites who perform solely on the web. It gives them gravitas but more than that; it provides the punter confidence that Luckia bookmaker is supported by a company that plays good and who understand very well the market in which they perform.

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