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Magento Secure Payment Bridge for Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13 Now Available

magento secure bridge

A new version of Magento Secure Payment Bridge, intended for merchants using Magento Enterprise Edition, is now available for download from the Support Portal*. Like previous versions, Magento Secure Payment Bridge has successfully completed PA-DSS certification by our Qualified Security Assessor, Trustwave, and it is listed as a Validated Payment Application on the PCI Standards Council Website. This certification helps you ... Read More »

The Google Analytics Gang of Four and Magento Enterprise Edition


Google Analytics ecosystem – Pinpoint the effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click and other marketing efforts. Highly experienced online merchants understand the importance of data and analytics, and almost all use Google Analytics to some degree. While we look at some of the same overall numbers like traffic, bounce rates, landing pages, and conversion rates, the slicing and ... Read More »

8 Interesting Magento features you didn’t know it had

8 interesting features of magento

Magento is a platform that I have been working with extensively for the past 18 months. So we understand and appreciate Magento’s adaptability and flexibility, particularly when many of those features come straight out the box. Here is a list of our Top 8 Magento features you probably didn’t know it had: Multi Site/Store Support Magento multi site/store features means ... Read More »

Magento Community Edition Now Available!

magento community 1.8

Let’s give a big welcome to Magento Community Edition 1.8! This new edition improves tax calculations, boosts product quality and stability, enhances performance, and advances security for the rapidly growing Magento community. Key highlights include: Enhanced Tax Calculations: Magento Community Edition 1.8 improves tax calculation accuracy for VAT merchants and eliminates potential rounding errors that can be confusing to buyers. Knowledge Base updates also ... Read More »

4 Ways to Waste Your Money on Magento Ecommerce Store


The causes of ecommerce failures are diverse, but they frequently end with the proprietor shuttering the operation because it is losing too much money. In this article, I list four activities that I believe can destroy an ecommerce business’s bottom line and waste your money. I think that if you avoid these money traps, you will likely improve your chance of ... Read More »

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