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Magento SEO tricks and tips

Top 10 Common Magento SEO Errors and Solution

solving 10 magento seo mistakes

Magento store undoubtedly offers the best interactive platform for the ecommerce websites. But when it comes to the increasing competition in the online shopping stores and achieving a better page ranking on the search engines, it is even significant in optimizing the site during the process of development. SEO stands as one of the most valuable aspects that assist the ... Read More »

Beginner’s Guide to Magento SEO

seo for magento beginner guide

Magento is a great system but it takes a little work to make it more SEO friendly. In this Magento SEO tutorial, I’ll take you through some of the common settings to look at and tasks that you or your developer may want to undertake. Setting up Google Analytics in Magento This is a very easy step as Magento offers a ... Read More »

Magento Search Engine optimization free ebook pdf

magento search engine optimization free ebook pdf

An Overview of Magento Search Engine optimization ebook Optimize your store for search engines in other countries and languages Enhance your product and category pages Resolve common SEO issues within Magento What you will learn from this book Adjust the default Magento configuration to benefit SEO Understand which of Magento’s many pages is best to optimize for certain types of ... Read More »

Google Analytics and Magento : 5 Custom Ecommerce Events to Track

magento 4_NoResults

A friend recently asked me about event tracking on his new Magento ecommerce site. He wondered if I had a comprehensive list of events to track. Well, in answer to my friend, this article is my list of five favorite event tracking customizations, using Google Analytics, for Magento ecommerce sites. Click-throughs on Home Page Promotions For most sites, the home page ... Read More »

The Google Analytics Gang of Four and Magento Enterprise Edition


Google Analytics ecosystem – Pinpoint the effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click and other marketing efforts. Highly experienced online merchants understand the importance of data and analytics, and almost all use Google Analytics to some degree. While we look at some of the same overall numbers like traffic, bounce rates, landing pages, and conversion rates, the slicing and ... Read More »

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