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Series of magento Tutorial For Beginners

Beginner’s Guide to Magento SEO

seo for magento beginner guide

Magento is a great system but it takes a little work to make it more SEO friendly. In this Magento SEO tutorial, I’ll take you through some of the common settings to look at and tasks that you or your developer may want to undertake. Setting up Google Analytics in Magento This is a very easy step as Magento offers a ... Read More »

Top 6 types of add-on for achieving a user-friendly Magento e-Store

friendly magento ecommerce store

The significance of a user-friendly e-store is definitely not hidden from any one. Irrespective of whether you’re a startup or the owner of a well-established business organization, owning a user-friendly e-commerce store can work as a magic for your online business. Thanks to the ever-growing advancements in the field of technology, today, it has become feasible for an online retailer ... Read More »

How to add or remove Newsletter, Subscribe form to Footer/Header in Magento

magento newsletter

How to Add Newsletter subscriber form in Footer: Step 1: Edit newsletter.xml located in app/design/frontend/default/your_theme/layout/newsletter.xml, you will see the following code: [crayon-5956f8b3b5a03632602254/] Step 2: Change reference name value from left to Footer, now it will be: [crayon-5956f8b3b5a10902945609/] Step 3: Locate file [crayon-5956f8b3b5a15575454444-i/]  in: [crayon-5956f8b3b5a1a293235176-i/] , add the following code snipet to the section you want to show newsletter block: [crayon-5956f8b3b5a1f927337594/] How to Add ... Read More »



For developers who’re new to Magento. there’s always confusion between layout and view system of Magento. In this tutorial, we will clarify what exactly LAYOUTS, BLOCKS and TEMPLATES in MAGENTO and what are their roles in MVC model. In Magento, View class includes Block and Template. Block are php objects while Template are files that contains a mix of HTML and PHP (phtml extension). In template ... Read More »

Form validation in Magento, list of all Form validation rules in Magento

form validation magento

Magento uses Prototype library as javascript library to manage form validation. This is quite helpful, because all you need to do when writing a custom form is to assign a valid class names to input fields, and pass the form id to VarienForm object. Now, take a quick look at this example of Magento form validation. [crayon-5956f8b3b741c383186120/] Below are all validation rules you can use, ... Read More »

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