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Magento tutorial for developer

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Series of magento tutorial for developer

Magento architecture – structure of a Magento module

mvc architecture magento

In the previous tutorial, we learned how to install Magento in localhost Xampp server. Today, we will continue the series of tutorial for beginners by exploring Magento’s Architecture For those who’re new, Magento is really complicated platform. It’s a perfect combination of Zend Framework with MVC architecture (Model – View – Controller) - Zend Framework: a framework implemented in PHP, Zend Framework is currently one of ... Read More »



For developers who’re new to Magento. there’s always confusion between layout and view system of Magento. In this tutorial, we will clarify what exactly LAYOUTS, BLOCKS and TEMPLATES in MAGENTO and what are their roles in MVC model. In Magento, View class includes Block and Template. Block are php objects while Template are files that contains a mix of HTML and PHP (phtml extension). In template ... Read More »

How to sort product order in Magento category

Manage Category Page

In this tutorial, we will go throw on how to sort product in a category and how to setup different types of sorting. We will also see how to set default sorting in product collection e.g if we want to sort products in ascending order by price,name etc. By default, the product sorting drop-down in category page is shown in: Assuming that we want ... Read More »

Tutorial : How to Override/Rewrite Magento core blocks and controllers


If you are a magento developer and some how you are in need of rewriting a magento core classes for any purposes, should you modify the files directly ? Of course the answer is “No” as it’s not recommended and also not necessary. After spending hours to research how to Override/Rewrite Magento core blocks and controllers, I finally came up ... Read More »

Magento Form in backend – How to create form in backend


Today, I will introduce a great article about Magento Form in Backend written by Magestore certified Magento developers. This article includes 3 main parts: Magento form and its elements in backend How to create magento form in backend Actions in  magento form (save, delete, save and continue edit) After going through this tutorial, you will know how to create Magento form in backend and customize the fields in ... Read More »

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