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Series of magento tutorial for developer

Guide on debugging Magento webpage network problems

debugging magento webpage

Today , we will go through how to debug Magento webpage network problems While using external resource connection within Magento webpage, you may face partial or total server unavailability with the consequences of poor Magento webpage functionality. Let us take a common case of the overloaded/unavailable licensing server leading to a probable error extension license check-in. There are two major scenarios ... Read More »

How to add breadcrumb to a specific Magento page

add breadcrumb to a specific magento page

Sometimes you will find out that there are some pages in Magento with no breadcrumbs enabled by default. In order to add Breadcrumbs, for example, on the checkout page, open checkout.xml file stored in ‘layout’ folder of the current theme, and find there ‘checkout_onepage_index’ block.  Then add to the block this code: [crayon-5956f9fcd164e904434400/] If the modified store is multilingual add ... Read More »

How to send email programmatically in Magento

how to send email programmatically in magento

When working with Magento, sometimes you want to programmatically send email to your customers after a specific action occurred. For example, you want to send an email from Order View Page in admin panel Step 1: First, we need to create the email template that will be used to send out. In this example, assuming that the email template is named “Custom Email”, and this email template ... Read More »

2 methods to CSV import configurable products in Magento

magento CSV Import configurable product

In this Magento tutorial, you will go through 2 common methods to bulk import configurable products in Magento, the 1st method (using Mgami) is more popular and it’s been used by lots of Magento users Method 1 1. Using free extension AMartinez_CustomImportExport http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/amartinez/extension/6513/amartinez_customimportexport or you can also use 2. Using free plugin Mgami for bulk importing configurable products Download Mgami http://sourceforge.net/projects/magmi/ Install ... Read More »

How to add social buttons to Product page in Magento

add social buttons magento 1

With the popularity of the social networking, it is becoming more and more common to integrate social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, etc into e-commerce stores, such as those powered by the Magento platform. Social media can provide a fantastic opportunity for e-commerce store owners to participate and engage with existing and potential customers and spread their ... Read More »

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