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13 Magento tips to keep your magento store secure (Part 2)


We previously narrated some of the most basic yet useful techniques with which you can harden the security of your Magento store. Security tips present in the 1st Part “Tips to make your Magento store secure” can be the podium for you inhibit some of the most commonly happening malicious nastiness. Here we are again with the part two on making ... Read More »

How to Add fee or discount to order totals in Magento


In this tutorial, we will see how to add new line item to magento order totals. What this means is that, how to add an additional Fee or Discount, or any kind of charge to order total of the magento checkout process. In a typical order, the order totals usually comprises of Sub Total, Shipping Cost, Taxes, Discount, based on these ... Read More »

Creating Magento configurable magento product: MAGENTO’S undocumented requirements for configurable attributes


When creating Magento configurable magento product, you see the error “This attribute set does not have attributes which we can use for configurable product”, how to solve this? I ran into this issue recently, while trying to create a configurable product in Magento. After clicking the Add Product button and selecting Configurable Product … I encountered a dead end and ... Read More »



Magento, a leading ecommerce solution provider, has numerous in-house security protocols that help protect domains powered by the platform. These features are always under maintenance and updated. However, cyber criminals are always on the prowl to find any weakness in the code or any loophole left by the user, which they can then wiggle through. Once they get in, they ... Read More »

How to Add multiple product with one add to cart button using Magento Ajax add to cart

magento ajax add to cart tutorial

In this blog post, i will show how to add product to shopping cart using ajax, we will use jQuery library for ajax operations By default, in magento the add to cart process is a simple form submit, so the page get reloaded. It would be much faster if we didn’t have to reload the entire page. Attached is the ... Read More »

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