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Generating Product count of categories in Magento default navigation


How to generate Product count (number) of categories in Magento default navigation? To display number of product that is associated with a particular category I have overridden a Magento Navigation Block. For that I have created a quick extension code. First, create a xml file at app/etc/modules/Prakash_All.xml and copy/paste following code [crayon-5957b4beb6436858388384/] Then create another xml file in exact following ... Read More »

How to Allow Other File Types in Magento Wysiwyg Editor

WYSIWYG editor Magento

You have to upload some different type of file like PDF, doc…. with editor of Magento but the default Wysiwyg editor built-in to Magento does not permit those file types. How can we Allow Other File Types in Magento Wysiwyg Editor? If you want to be able to upload other types of files besides the few limited image types and media types, I’ll ... Read More »

How to setup a magento multi language website?


Many Magento store owners are running a store that sells products to different countries. In this case, we essentially need a store that runs in different languages. In this tutorial, we’ll go through how to create a Magento multiple-language website in two languages: English and French. Step 1: Create two stores First, we need to create 2 stores before assigning languages ... Read More »

Adding custom tabs to magento product admin


In Magento eCommerce, it is possible to add new attributes to product models and edit the values for these attributes on the Product edit page. This is fine if we only want to add standard data (attributes) to a product, but what if we wanted to do something a little different? This article explains how to build a simple custom ... Read More »

How to set up Magento CRON Job


What is Cron? Cron jobs are automated events that are triggered by the server. A lot of people think that the Magento cron job runs automatically – but this is not the case. Cron is a time-based job scheduler in Unix-like operating systems. It functions similarly to Windows Task Scheduler in that it allows you to specify actions to be ... Read More »

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