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10 magento issues you can solve with these Magento tricks


As you may know, setting up an e-commerce website with Magento is not too complicated, the installation and configuration are pretty easy and shouldn’t cause too many problems. For more advanced configurations and template tweaks, things can get a bit more hectic, but with the following Magento tips & tricks, it should already get a little easier. 1. Add a custom “add ... Read More »

New Magento eBook: The Rules (and Tools) for Successful Customer Engagement


Learn tips and strategies you can use to drive repeat sales and brand loyalty Just a few short years ago, customer engagement meant attracting customers with the promise of great deals and moving them as quickly as possible to checkout. Now, with almost endless product choices, media channels, and new shopping experiences vying for customers’ attention, customer engagement is about ... Read More »

7 Magento Optimization quick tips for faster load speed


One of the most difficult things to do with a Magento site is to make it load faster. Due to the complex nature of how the Magento system works, even if you have a low graphics home page theme you will find that it will take 3-4 seconds for a standard category page to load. Should you load your theme ... Read More »

Inserting your block into any place in Magento


You are running a marketing campaign and you want to insert a ads/news block to a specific place on your Magento store but don’t know where to put the code? In this tutorial, we will go through how to insert block into any place you want in Magento without editing template. We’ll try to explain how to do this using layouts and ... Read More »

How to add search by category in magento mini search


This tutorial shows you How to add search by category in magento mini search. You may have searched on Magento Connect and you will find out that there is no free extension in magento commerce which will help you to search your store with particular category. But you can do as following: First create the drop down list of all ... Read More »

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