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Rainierland Joker Watch Online

2 h, 2 Min

creators – Bill Finger

8,8 of 10

Release date – 2019

Rating – 772483 Vote





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No need for Deniro’s name in ads. Phoenix IS the show. I am angry at so many negative reviews focusing on “the violence. Can’t this just be a story? Does it have to teach some lesson? Does this have to include a discussion about mental health? Can’t this just be a “making of story” about the most iconic villian in any comic universe? In the last 15 min when Arthur “becomes. I found myself raising my arms, yes! As i walked out, I felt like i wanted to drive home at 90 mph! I loved this movie. I loved this film. I loved the director. I loved Joaquin. I didn’t want to join any cause. I don’t want to change my life. But days later, I am still amazed what a great movie this was.

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