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Consummate Sources For Optimizing Your Magento Store For Mobiles


If you own a Magento store, but doesn’t possess an equivalent mobile solution, there is a great probability that you are missing on a colossal mobile user base. In this mobile age, mobile presence has become as significant as a web presence. With mobile devices that allow users to conveniently access the online stores on the go, creating a mobile ... Read More »

A Handy Guide for Magento Developers – What Developers Can Learn From the Basic Magento Facts


Being a Magento developer you are definitely on the search of new avenues to expand your knowledge regarding the structural working and functioning of Magento platform. Due to the flexible nature of Magento, it is not possible to drive a single way in which it could be customized. And since, it’s a constant revolving platform, designers and developers want to ... Read More »

How to programmatically delete order in Magento

how to delete orders in magento

Have you questioned yourself how to delete test order created in Magento? You got a Magento project, you placed some test orders to see if Shipping and Payment methods work as expected. Everything seems to be cool and the client wishes to launch the site. You launch it. When you enter the administration for the first time after the launch, you ... Read More »

Step by Step on how to install Magento Community extension

install magento extension via magento connect

As you may know, Magento extensions are one of the most important things that make Magento stand out of its competitors. There are lots of magento extensions being developed by Magento community, and Magestore is also an active contributor with 30+ Magento extensions. In this tutorial, we will go through how to install Magento extension/module/plugin for online store innormal method and via Magento ... Read More »

Step by Step on How to Upgrade Magento version to 1.9 without any problems

how to upgrade magento 1.8 to 1.9

With constant innovations hitting the Magento Web Development world, there’s been an incredible increase in the demand for latest versions of the software program. Different Magento versions come with features that make it convenient for the web developers to build websites and web applications that serve different purposes. The very recent Magento version that has come up as a “sweet ... Read More »

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