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How to Enable Gift Wrapping service for certain countries in Magento EE

gift wrap features

I promised in one of my previous posts that I’ll share with you this nice feature about how to enable Gift Wrapping module in Magento Enterprise Edition, but for certain countries. So let’s extend it so merchants can easily enable this enhancement as they wish. There’s one caveat about front-end look & feel. This enhancement is build on top of onestepcheckout Magento EE ... Read More »

How to configure Magento Cache for best performance

best magento cache strategy

How to configure Magento Cache for best performance? Magento Cache enhances your site’ performance, provide a faster load speed, so how to configure it properly for best performance? In this tutorial, we will find out which backend cache (File System, APC, Memcached, Redis) is recommended to use in which environment (single server ormultiple server) and how to configure it the rigth way. Understanding Magento’s Two-Level ... Read More »

Top 10 Questions for a Magento merchant to Ask His Magento Technical Team

Questions for a Magento merchant to Ask His Magento Technical Team

Today, we will have a look at Top 10 common Questions for a Magento merchant to Ask Magento Technical Team. Magento merchants tend to be dynamic, energetic and resourceful people. They pride themselves on their ability to research and learn the technical knowledge required to manage and grow an online business. However, because there is so much to learn, most ... Read More »

Magento Front Controller


I’ve been working a lot with the Magento commerce system lately, and thought I’d share. The following is from an answer I gave on Stack Overflow to the question about Magento Front Controller. How does Magento Code work? First and foremost, I highly recommend you buy the Magento: Beginner’s Guide – Second Edition. It’s the only straight forward “Here’s how ... Read More »

Common Magento Interview questions and answers you are looking for


Common Magento Interview questions and answers for freshers as well as experienced developers – Credit to http://ka.lpe.sh Recommended reading: How to choose a good magento hosting for your business PART I 1. Explain Magento’s MVC architecture First of all, what is MVC? MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. Any application that separates it’s data access, business logic and user interface is called MVC. There can be ... Read More »

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