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Set quality of magento product images


You want to reduce quality of some product images for different purposes, like improve site’s performance, improve user’s experience… So. have you ever questioned how to set quality of magento catalog product images directly in template files? There is no need to duplicate and edit core files or adapters. New method called setQuality has been implemented since Magento CE 1.4 ... Read More »

Top 5 best Magento tutorial blog to follow

magento explorer magento tutorial

As you know, when working with Magento, there will be a lot of problems rising and sometimes you don’t know or don’t have experience on how to solve the problem, bugs for your Magento site. In this blog post, I will introduce 5 best Magento tutorial blog where you can follow to improve your knowledge on Magento, thus have more experience ... Read More »

Top 5 affordable Magento hosting


What is the best and most affordable magento hosting provider, is there a deep Magento hosting research about this? I know this is a big question that many magento store owners are searching for an answer to! When it comes to Magento, we all know that it’s become the most powerful online eCommerce platform lately. It is an open-source platform using Zend PHP ... Read More »

Magento 2- Understanding The Nuts And Bolts

Magento 2 magento imagine

Being into existence since 5 years from now, Magento has been downloaded over 4 million times till date. Irrespective of your website development need, Magento has the caliber of allowing you to create a perfect web solution. Lately, Magento 2 has been one of the most discussed topics in the wide Magento community.  This completely new version of the very ... Read More »

3 reasons why we choose Magento to Create a Full-blown Mobile eCommerce Store


If you are a part of online retail space, then you must be familiar with the virtues of Magento platform. Being the most widely used eCommerce CMS platform, Magento has created a lot of stir by providing a variety of scalable solutions to help online businesses grow and prosper. Owing to its popularity, more and more website owners are switching ... Read More »

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