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How to Fix 5 Common Magento Issues?

how to fix magento issue

When working with Magento, there’re common issues that happen to every Magento developers, in this tutorial, I will summarize 5 common issues along with solutions for each of issue. 1.Access denied issue Many times you will see the error “Access Denied”, this happens due to admin role permossion. To solve this issue, you can log out from the Magento backend and then ... Read More »

The Secret to eCommerce Success?  Driving Sales Through Personalized Offerings and Relevant Recommendations

magento ronwe marketing extension

Although the subject of this article refers to a “secret”, there is nothing new about driving up sales through offerings that are customized to each customer’s specific needs.  Customers are much more likely to buy from an expert who can advise on the best-suited products. It’s a no-brainer that every customer prefers to be treated as individual, rather than an ordinary ... Read More »

13 Magento tips to keep your magento store secure (Part 2)


We previously narrated some of the most basic yet useful techniques with which you can harden the security of your Magento store. Security tips present in the 1st Part “Tips to make your Magento store secure” can be the podium for you inhibit some of the most commonly happening malicious nastiness. Here we are again with the part two on making ... Read More »

Magento Secure Payment Bridge for Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13 Now Available

magento secure bridge

A new version of Magento Secure Payment Bridge, intended for merchants using Magento Enterprise Edition, is now available for download from the Support Portal*. Like previous versions, Magento Secure Payment Bridge has successfully completed PA-DSS certification by our Qualified Security Assessor, Trustwave, and it is listed as a Validated Payment Application on the PCI Standards Council Website. This certification helps you ... Read More »



Magento, a leading ecommerce solution provider, has numerous in-house security protocols that help protect domains powered by the platform. These features are always under maintenance and updated. However, cyber criminals are always on the prowl to find any weakness in the code or any loophole left by the user, which they can then wiggle through. Once they get in, they ... Read More »

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