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Magento architecture – structure of a Magento module

mvc architecture magento

In the previous tutorial, we learned how to install Magento in localhost Xampp server. Today, we will continue the series of tutorial for beginners by exploring Magento’s Architecture For those who’re new, Magento is really complicated platform. It’s a perfect combination of Zend Framework with MVC architecture (Model – View – Controller) - Zend Framework: a framework implemented in PHP, Zend Framework is currently one of ... Read More »

Top 7 Advantages of Magento Using as an ECommerce Store Development

magento top 1

The importance of eCommerce stores has never been doubted because it is really effective and flexible! The Internet allows all small companies-beginners to face the competition of big firms. Besides, online sales give a nice opportunity to minimize expenses, raise your online presence, or expand into a new market. A lot of things has to be done to make your ... Read More »

Magento 2- Understanding The Nuts And Bolts

Magento 2 magento imagine

Being into existence since 5 years from now, Magento has been downloaded over 4 million times till date. Irrespective of your website development need, Magento has the caliber of allowing you to create a perfect web solution. Lately, Magento 2 has been one of the most discussed topics in the wide Magento community.  This completely new version of the very ... Read More »

Full tutorial: Step by Step how to create “Hello World” basic module in Magento

helloworld module magento example

In the previous article: Magento architecture, we understand that all functions of Magento were “modulized”, in other words, Magento is a set of modules perform different tasks. In this article, I will guide you to create a very basic “Hello World” module that contains full of major components that every Magento extension/module has. Note: demo module is created in the local directory because Magento regularly ... Read More »

10 facts You Need To Know About Magento

10 Things You Need To Know About Magento

Magento is becoming more popular in eCommerce, with 1 in 4 online businesses onboard, but there are still companies who are unaware of the benefits that this platform offers. Here we present the Ronwe guide to Magento! We will consider two aspects of Magento; one relates to its position on the market and the second to the strengths and weaknesses ... Read More »

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