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How to set up Web POS extension for Magento sites?

1. What is Web POS extension?

Magento POS extension supports offline selling by enabling shop assistants/admin to create orders right from Magento admin panel just in one page!

2. Why should you use Web POS extension?

You know, a lot of businesses have both online and offline store thus many times, shop assistants/admins will have to carry out Checkout procedures for Customers, either in physical stores or when receiving orders through phone or email, which is really an issue. So, it would be great if this process could be fastened, helping save time for more profitable actions! You can try Web POS extension, you will be able to create orders quickly and conveniently from admin panel in just one page! What is much greater that a barcode reader is integrated into the extension, enables the item to be added to cart right away.

3. Its features:

  • All checkout steps are displayed simultaneously in one page and you can fill in or edit any step without waiting, going back and forth.
  • When you change Customer’s information such as address, other Sections: Shipping, Payment method, Order review will be auto-updated.
  • With the integration of barcode reader and Instant Search, items can be more easily added to cart.
  • To diversify your choices, 2 checkout modes (guest and existing customer) are provided, of which the latter can save you much time by auto-filling many data sections for you.
  • The extension supports Check/ Money order and Credit Card so that you can choose which method best fits your business.
  • You can add coupon code, gift message as required by Customers. Also, it’s very convenient to insert comment for the order, such as special instruction or their remarks about your products.
  • For those Customers who would like to keep updated with your products, you can help them sign up for newsletters. Besides, you can also take a quick survey and take note whether product has been shipped or not.
  • Besides, you are able to scan orders by Order ID or Customer’s name/email. In this way, you can easily view order list as well as quickly print invoice for your Customers.
  • With Web POS, you can also freely select your favorite style for the page layout so as to match with your store template. At the same time, you can choose to display this page in 2 or 3 columns.

4. How it works

5. How to download and install this Web POS extension?

- Download as link below:


- Install:

  1. Go to System/Cache Management ->Choose Enable and Submit
  2. Use FTP client to upload or copy all folders in the zip package to your Magento site root folder.
  3. Log in Magento administration panel , refresh cache
  4. Go to System/ Magento Extensions/ License keys, put your license key
  5. Log out admin panel and log in again
  6. Go to front-end and try to process

 6. Demo

You can see demo as this link: http://demo-extension.magestore.com/webpos/index.php/admin

Hope this extension useful for you!




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