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4 Ways to Waste Your Money on Magento Ecommerce Store


The causes of ecommerce failures are diverse, but they frequently end with the proprietor shuttering the operation because it is losing too much money. In this article, I list four activities that I believe can destroy an ecommerce business’s bottom line and waste your money. I think that if you avoid these money traps, you will likely improve your chance of ... Read More »

Survey about Magento one step checkout extension


You want to equip your store with a powerful check out extension but don’t know which provider offers best product? In this survey, you will find out who’s the best provider and what features of check out extension that many customers are looking for. Below is the result so far *Click for full-size display Read More »

Introduction to Magento REST and oAuth


For those that don’t know, Magento added REST server functionality since version 1.7.0 < . Before that, Magento had SOAP and XML-RPC server implementations which are also implemented in newest Magento versions. I have to admit that even I had a lot of experience with Magento SOAP web services, it took a little bit time even for experienced developer like ... Read More »

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