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Magento Community Tutorials #28 – Theming Magento #4 – Modifying Template Files

The 28th tutorial for Magento Commerce Community Edition and the 4th on Theming Magento. This tutorial shows you modify template files in your new theme. Read More »

How to display video on Magento product page

Sometimes, there’re special products that need to be explain via Video, in this case, you will probably want to embed a video to your product page. So how to do this in Magento? There are many extension that can help with this, unfortunately, sometimes the extensions do not meet our requirements or design tasks because it will change your site’s ... Read More »

How to add to Contact Us Form in Magento


Contact us is one of the most important pages for every website, especially Ecommerce website. In Magento, this is not easily editable by default, the only way to edit the contacts page is to edit the file that includes the contact form. In this tutorial, we will go through how to change/edit your contact form. There’re 4 steps to be taken: 1. Connect ... Read More »

How to disable Magento modules


Keep going with Magento tutorial for Beginners, now we want to discuss about Magento Modules.  While you’re building a Magento shop with many third party modules, you might run into weird problems that could be caused by those third party extensions, or a combination of modules. To troubleshoot issues like that, it is useful to temporarily disable modules to see which ... Read More »

Introduction to Magento Extension (Video)

In this video I show you how to write your own Magento Extension. I will take you step by step through the process of writing an extension and extending the functionality of Magento without touching core files. In this specific example the extension actually highlights a sales order line when the shipping and billing street address are different. Read More »

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