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Magento Tutorial for Beginners (Part 4)


How Magento Does Themes Different from Others The term ‘theme’ probably sounds to you a familiar ring. Either as an audience, a creator, or both, you’ve experienced the sea of available web applications options via its themes. A theme has largely two types of users – First, the audience–type who experiences it from the aesthetical and usability standpoint by browsing through ... Read More »

Magento Tutorial for Beginners (Part 3)


Magento Extension Basic Knowledge Today we will continue exploring a journey through the Adminhtml by discussing Magento extensions – the issue that always grabs a lot of attraction and interest of many people. Three main following parts will be covered in this tutorial: Magento extensions Decouple extensions from Magento Install extensions from Magento Connect Are you ready? Let’s get started! ... Read More »

Magento Tutorial for Beginners (Part 2)


Part 2: Magento Installation This article is most helpful for users who have installed Magento before and just need a reminder of the major steps in the process. Magento System Requirements Magento must be run on a Unix-based web server, with PHP 5.2+ and MySQL 4.1.20+. These instructions assume you have first set up a web server with a standard ... Read More »

Magento Tutorial for Beginners (Part 1) – What is Magento? Why use MAGENTO?


Magento was designed for those who need a flexible and full-rich ecommerce platform. This 100% open-source eCommerce solution is open for free download and allows users to design, set up, and run their own eCommerce stores as they want. However, using the program requires some basic knowledge of how it works and to run it properly need a designer/developer. Therefore, we decide to ... Read More »

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