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Top 10 Common Magento SEO Errors and Solution

Magento store undoubtedly offers the best interactive platform for the ecommerce websites. But when it comes to the increasing competition in the online shopping stores and achieving a better page ranking on the search engines, it is even significant in optimizing the site during the process of development. SEO stands as one of the most valuable aspects that assist the sites to gain higher page rank to be placed on top search engines. Thus while building a site on Magento, it should be reflected upon to draw more loyal customers and grab enhanced ranking with strong and healthy customer base.

Magento ecommerce store offers an entirely customized platform along with several default settings that that requires optimization at the project growing stage. When such settings are ignored, they turn out to be general Magento SEO mistakes that should be evaded to put a strong impact, and accomplish a possible rank on the top search engines with finer revenues. While creating an ecommerce site running on Magento, you should avoid top 10 errors, along with their solutions that are mentioned below.

1. Optimizing Homepage Title

changing default magento homepage title

This is one big error that is viewed in the Magento websites. From the SEO’s perception, it is not wise at all to set the home page title as ‘Home’. Thus the title page of a site should be related to the company’s services and products which signify the entire business in few words or contents. With the help of SEO experts, you should amend the most appropriate title quickly for excellent results.

2. Modify the Default Keywords

default meta keyword magento

Although the top search engines overlooks the Meta keywords due to spam problems, but from the viewpoint of SEO maintaining the ‘default keywords’ is not fine. So you should insert some related keywords or meaningful phrases which should be ideal and refer to the website services or products. Meta Keywords is not working with top search engines like Google but still works in some Search Engines like Bing, Yandex, so it’s no harm to put some related keywords of your products. You will get free traffic from these search engines.

3. Change the Default Description Field

You should modify the ‘default description’ along with new, significant and applicable depiction along with accurately researched keywords. But you should not make the mistake of keep it as default, or else all the additional pages will have duplicate Meta depictions that are not suitable for the correct SEO practices.

4. Craft a Google Sitemap and Evade Sample Products

magento sitemap

You should evade sample products or categories; you should need to insert the products or segments accessible on the site only. It is highly significant to craft a sitemap page, and also useful for the users or visitors to navigate into the inner pages effortlessly. You should also update it or refresh it frequently.

5. Do not obstruct Indexation of site before setting out live

You should not obstruct indexation of site before setting out live. Although it is not executed unintentionally, but many of the Magento developers for ecommerce growth ignore to turn on during the migration time from development procedure to go on live.

6. No managing ‘rel=canonical’ issues

insert cannonical tag magento

While the Magento site progression, developers overlook this issue. Canonicals problems are relayed with duplicate contents that provide a negative impact at the time of executing SEO. You require twisting on the canonicals for products as well as categories, and evade one of the prime SEO errors for the Magento developed websites.

7. Evade Duplicate URLs

During the growth of your website, mainly in the Magento ecommerce website, error occurs that has numerous categories of inner pages with distinct products or information. Thus you should be cautious and evade duplicate URLs to acquire the greatest SEO response along with finest website ranking.

8. Changing Logo Title

Rather than Magento commerce, you should change the logo title. Magento developers overlook in changing the site’s logo from ‘Magento commerce’ default setting. Such error provides a wrong signal in the minds of the users or visitors with unproductive SEO activity on the search engines.

9. Problem with Default Layered Navigation

Crafting layered navigation produces duplicate URLs along with uniform page titles and descriptions that go not in favor of SEO rules. Thus you should evade duplication of URLs in this segment. One of the crucial features is layered navigation that lets your website visitors to filter or search products according to their aspects such as size, price, colors, groups, or brands.
10. Do not miss in redirecting URLs
The search engine should be notified that the old page has been shifted to new URL in a permanent way, and you can execute it by crafting redirect for the product URLs. You should also make sure that the URL rewrites has to be SEO-friendly that assists the search engines to creep it effortlessly.
Well, by now you must have understood to avoid the above 10 Magento errors and also get its solutions.

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