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Top 7 Advantages of Magento Using as an ECommerce Store Development

The importance of eCommerce stores has never been doubted because it is really effective and flexible! The Internet allows all small companies-beginners to face the competition of big firms. Besides, online sales give a nice opportunity to minimize expenses, raise your online presence, or expand into a new market.

A lot of things has to be done to make your eCommerce store get profit, which includes thorough planning the website development, the budget you will need for that, and, of course, the promotion methods that will help you attract clients. However, the prior thing to do is to decide which platform to use. Today, Magento becomes the best choice for many business owners due to all its advantages over other similar platforms. Read on to learn how exactly you can benefit from using it too.

Is Magento the Best eCommerce Platform?

Gaining more and more popularity, Magento has shown its high functionality in eCommerce sphere and proved the uniqueness of the opportunities it provides:

  • It’s open source software.
    Magento is an open source platform. It offers merchants to use additional plug-in modules and extensions to make the shopping experiences of their customers easier and more enjoyable. You will reach much better result if you involve Web developers to improve your website’s design, making it special and user-friendly.

open-source software growth rate

  • It’s flexible.
    Magento eCommerce platform can be used by anyone starting from new entrepreneurs up to fast-growing and large businesses. There are several editions you can download. The most popular are Magento Enterprise and Community Edition. Another example of the flexibility is a range of themes that can be installed by users to change the functionality or design of pages so that the help of developers isn’t necessarily needed.
  • It’s simple.
    Comparing to other similar platforms, it’s much easier and takes less time to update the website and customize it. PHP, modules, MVC-architecture allow working with minimum efforts. Never miss your chance to create your eCommerce project and start running your online business in the shortest terms!
  • It’s functional.
    Users are offered to take advantage of different tools in order to promote sales. There are cross-selling product pages, ‘send to a friend’ option, newsletter management tools, customer group pricing, and many more. A great number of extensions and apps are being created every day to give you an opportunity to add the functions your website needs.
  • It’s secure.
    Compared to most eCommerce systems, Magento is extremely secure because it meets a global security standard called PA-DSS. The standard includes fourteen protections that must be followed. In brief, it means that all the data concerning the products, customers’ private information, transaction details, etc. is confidential and will never be disclosed to any third parties. Due to the high rate of cybercrime today, this Magento’s feature is a vital benefit for both large and small businesses that value their reputation.
  • It’s popular.
    Magento surely takes the leading position in all statistics and rates. Even world-known brands such as SEAT, one of the largest auto manufacturers in the world, or Burger King, a well-known fast food hamburger chain, are using Magento. This eCommerce system for website development has proved to be credible, so you don’t have to worry if you haven’t heard much about it. Take a look at the recent research by Aheadworks.

magento growth rate by aheadwork


And from Magento

magento top 1

  • It’s powerful.
    With all the features Magento offers, it acts as a truly effective platform for building a solid business with eCommerce. There is a huge community of talented developers that constantly work on improving the system. A number of SEO tools help your eCommerce business develop quickly and successfully.


Today, Magento is the best eCommerce platform for website development. It allows all business owners regardless of the size of their enterprise to set up and manage their online stores using simple but powerful tools. Magento can be easily catered to your customers’ needs. It can bring you the desired result if customized and configured wisely. It’s considered to be reliable and credible by some of the famous global companies as well as many small and medium-sized enterprises around the world. Now it’s time for you to start your own eCommerce web project and learn how you can make the most out of it with Magento.

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