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5 reasons why Magento Is The First Choice To Develop Mobile Friendly E-commerce Store

Magento is an open source CMS that makes a fabulous eCommerce platform. It offers amazing scalability, flexibility and security, that can allow one to efficiently run an online store.

Today, there is a whopping number of Magento powered eCommerce stores on the Internet that are delivering a worthwhile online shopping experience. Its valuable attributes make it a much sought after choice for web developers and facilitate them to develop websites for various niche businesses. For this reason, more and more online traders prefer Magento to create an innovative and astonishing e-store.

Magento Is The First Choice To Develop Mobile Friendly E-commerce Store

Although Magento offers a slew of blissful features, it is advisable to hire an adept Magento developer who can develop a requisite website with a flair. One must consider his business objectives and target audience while streamlining his e-store design and development. This will definitely help create a surefire online store.

For those who are yet not convinced with the outstanding performance of the platform, here are a few of the compelling reasons that make Magento a supreme choice for developing a prolific, mobile-optimized eCommerce store; let’s explore them.

1. Open Source CMS with Free Extensions, Themes and Modules

To satisfy the needs of incessantly increasing number of Magento users, the gigantic Magento community is thriving to enrich the Magento repository with the required and updated modules, themes, extensions, etc. Whether you need a mobile-friendly theme to adorn your site for mobile visitors or an extension to stand up to their expectations, Magento eCommerce development makes a great choice.

Moreover, the services like custom Magento development further facilitate one to ensure a suitable look and feel of the store, tailored as per his specific needs. You can also create an enticing theme for a certain season or festival. For instance, you can rivet your visitors with a jingle theme in the Christmas season.

2. Deliver Responsive Web Solutions

In this mobile age, if are not taking your mobile visitors seriously, you will surely lose your potential business. This is so because surveys and analytics have depicted that the Internet is getting a whopping amount of mobile traffic, surpassing the desktop traffic. Thus, if you want to reach a gigantic mobile user base, it is essential to create an impressive visual appearance to captivate your mobile visitors and encourage them to commit a suitable action. However, the wide variety of mobile devices available in the market often become a big challenge for websites.

To proficiently deal with the proliferation of mobile, responsive design offers an awesome solution. It ensures a fabulous look and feel of a site by taking the targeted mobile device into account. Since, Magento supports responsive eCommerce solutions, your e-store will run seamlessly across any device.

3. M-commerce is not a big deal with Magento!

While many retailers choose native applications or responsive design, others prefer hybrid applications due to the ease of managing a single code base for various platforms and targeting a slew of devices with a flair. However, if one is looking for an eCommerce platform, the responsive layout and easy mobile compatibility must be kept as a priority. And, Magento is a strong option in this context.

There is no doubt that a mobile-optimized website has a great potential to drive more sales and profits. Thus, mobile commerce cannot be ignored if you want to scale up your retailing business. A well designed m-commerce solution helps deliver an optimal UX to customers on their preferred devices. Magento while offering several benefits, also streamlines the deployment of a responsive eCommerce store in an effective and efficient manner without demanding much amount.

4. Remarkable Browser Compatibility

Another feature of Magento that adds to its credibility is its brilliant browser compatibility. The Magento powered websites mechanically scour and identify both the desktop browsers and mobile browsers. It, thus, showcases a mobile-friendly version of your website.

Moreover, the platform also supports different payment options, including PayPal, Moneybookers, Cash on Delivery, and so forth. With a simple checkout process, the platform makes it absolutely easy for customers to shop online. It offers numerous options for online retailers, some of them are listed below.

  • You can independently make a choice between a mobile-friendly solution and conventional desktop solution. And, accordingly design the interface.
  • You may also choose to develop a mobile application to proficiently target mobile audience. Although native applications offer a viable solution, they often turn out to be an expensive bet, as a lot of amount is consumed in developing and maintaining the applications.

5. Search Engine Optimized

The Magento platform is optimized for search, and thus, you can easily drive traffic to your store and captivate them with an impressive interface design. It does so by flawlessly syncing with your store optimization needs and automatically generating URL structures that are search engine friendly. This can surely help you reach a wider audience base with augmented visibility on the web. In fact, you can also add meta descriptions about your products and pages through the Admin panel to further heighten the SEO. There is a plethora of extensions and themes available in the repository that offer search engine optimized solutions.

Wrapping Up

All these factors add to its versatility and prove that Magento makes the most preferred choice for developing an impressive and mobile-friendly online store, without compromising on any functionality. Step up the Magento pedal, and efficiently create a marvelous eCommerce store.

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    Yeah right, Magento is the best tool for a successful e-commerce businesses. The best thing about magento is its auto synchronisation of website and mobile apps.
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