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10 best multipurpose Magento responsive themes

Magento one of popular eCommerce CMS which enables you to build online stores.  Best of all, Magento community edition is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone.
Today I would like to share 10 best responsive magento themes for your inspiration. The basic idea of responsive web design is to have a layout that is not bound to a particular screen size, but instead adapts flexibly to different device resolutions, as the visitors resizes the browser the content dynamically moves for the best display experience.

1. Blanco – Fluid Responsive Magento Theme

blanco responsive magento theme

Blanco is clear, easy to customize responsive Magento template. Many new features such as 2 menu variants, powerful admin module, slideshow, new products display on homepage, extra links and blocks and so on. This Magento template is one of the most powerful and flexible templates at Magento store.The template is fully compatible with heavy stores which have a variety of languages and currencies to create convenience for customers around the world. It’s designed to easily change color and background.
Best fits for clothing store, apparel, fashion store, mall shop and any Magento store if needed an easy customization template.

2. Ultimo – Fluid Responsive Magento Theme

Ultimo – Fluid Responsive Magento Theme

Ultimo is a premium Magento theme with advanced admin module. It’s extremely customizable, easy to use and fully responsive. Suitable for every type of store. Great as a starting point for your custom projects.

Compatible with Magento:,,,,,,,,

Shopper – is an extremely powerful and flexible premium magento theme with responsive & retina ready design. This theme is perfect for any type of store and comes with lots of awesome features, such as: ajax price slider, custom grid modes, revolution slider, quick install package and etc.

Compatible with Magento:,,,,,,,,

4.  Fortis – flexible Responsive Magento Theme Retina Ready

Fortis – flexible Responsive Magento Theme Retina Ready

More detailsLive demo

 Fortis 2 is fully responsive Magento theme with dozens of features and hundreds of customization possibilities, suitable for every type of products. It was designed with focus on user experience and usability, to make shopping quick, easy and fun.

Compatible with Magento:,,,,,,,,

5.  Acumen – The Highly Extensible Magento Theme

acumen magento theme

More detailsLive demo

Acumen is a powerfully flexible, grid-based Magento theme. It was designed specifically for easy customization and to fit a wide range of stores. Its minimal layout puts maximum attention on products, while keeping a clean and modern aesthetic throughout. You’ll love it!

Celebrity - Premium Responsive Magento theme
BeautyShop is a universal 100% responsive OpenCart theme for any kind of shop with stylish design and powerful backend and it’s created with using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 features. Admin panel with easy navigation and 300+ configuration options allows you to change every thing in theme without learning HTML or CSS. You can manage colors of 150+ theme elements, select 500+ amazing fonts, apply 200+ pattern backgrounds and setup hundreds of theme settings and effects!


7.  BUYSHOP – Premium Responsive Retina Magento theme

 BUYSHOP – Premium Responsive Retina Magento theme

More detailsLive demo

This is real transformer magento theme. It will allow you to create structure according to your needs and requirements. We are sured that it will statisfy all your needs that you are requiring and expecting from ecommerce solution.

8.  ClassyShop Responsive Multi-purpose Magento Template

 ClassiShop Responsive Multi-purpose Magento Template

More detailsLive demo

ClassiShop Magento Template is dedicated for apparel and clothes stores. With some free extensions and customization ClassiShop Magento Template is dedicated for all apparel and clothes stores.
Compatible with : Magento, 1.5.1, , 1.6.1,,,

9.  Dresscode – Responsive Magento Theme

 dresscode responsive magento theme

More detailsLive demo

Dresscode is premium responsive magento theme which can be used according to your needs and requirements. It includes a lot of custom features. Fully responsive, customizable, based on Sceleton CSS Framework.
Compatible with: Magento, 1.5.1, , 1.6.1,,,

10.  Crisp and Clean responsive magento template

crips and clean responsive magento theme

More detailsLive demo

Stylish simplicity and navigational clarity work together in this theme to provide exactly what the name implies: a crisp and clean user interface. White, open space makes way for the homepage’s two uniquely-designed custom galleries, both of which will instantly intrigue the viewer. Dominated by a striking three-way image slider, the homepage is an opportunity to showcase products in an artistic way or, if you want, to use three related images to evoke a product’s story or feel within the customer’s mind.
Crisp and Clean Magento supports Magento CE version 1.4.1.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x,, and 1.7.02

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    Thank you for this valuable information. It is really a spectacular list i have ever seen on Internet. I would like to add one more Check it out https://goo.gl/KF7noF . It is an amazing new Magento 2 multipurpose theme with various advanced features .

  2. avatar

    Nice themes!!I installed it.Thak you for listing.
    Besides this I’ve just manually installed Kosmic Multipurpose Magento2 theme. It’s wonderfull to create my website layout. As it is my first run althogh this Magento Themes work perfectly. I am going to develope an eCommerce store for electronic items and it’s very usefull to me.Check it out:https://goo.gl/zsQLTt.

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    Great Guidelines. It is helpful for me. I would like to suggest Magento2 multipurpose and responsive theme Kosmic. It is easy to customize and consists many other new features. Check it out https://goo.gl/VBTOF0 . I hope you all like it.I am using it. I have a good experience while working with it.

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    Thanks For Sharing Nice Article.
    Solwin Infotech has launched Multipurpose Responsive Theme called”Kosmic”

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    Ultimo is the best theme I’ve used so far. Clean and responsive!

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    Awesome themes!! Responsive and cross browser compatibility both are in hot trends. TemplateToaster is amazing for providing us such themes. TemplateToaster is for those who want to make themes, even if not has programming experience. I keep good knowledge of programming languages yet i use TemplateToaster because it makes my job easier.

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    I am looking website theme smiler to my website http://www.darussalaam.co.uk

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    Do these themes works well with Magento Multi Store?

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    I’m new to magento.
    I like these theme a lot & think it would work for my client.
    They are a custom frame company. They need to present a lot frame mouldings with additional choices such as liners, gold or silver filets, etc.
    Their customers need to design the frame and give special instructions for the dimensions of the frame.
    They want their orders emailed to them instead of taking money online. (the customers pay when the frame is done.)
    How difficult would it be to make all this happen?

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    I purchased your crisp and clean design last october, and I have been very happy with it.

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    I would like to buy this theme. But first I would like to know, if it supports german localization?

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    These themes work well with Magento extensions from Magestore or Aheadworks?

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    Hello, lots of my customers are using Ipad, Iphone to purchase on my store, these themes work well for those device?

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    Nice Themes collection!!! – QUESTION – Are you able to Disable The Responsiveness for the site?

  15. avatar

    Just purchased Dresscode for my dress store, thank you for sharing these wonderful themes

  16. avatar

    Can you suggest me a theme for Car accessory store? I want to use Orange as main color scheme

  17. avatar

    Hi, I wonder if these themes work well on Magento 1.8? I want to change my store’s theme and I’m using Magento 1.8 at the moment

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    Is there any way to check if a magento theme is responsive or not?
    Thank you

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    Ultimo is a great theme for magento fashion store, it looks very clean and modern. Thanks for sharing

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    I’m using Blanco for my website, it works pretty well and I rarely see bugs on this theme

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    Thank you for the list, these themes are very great at the moment because “responsive” is now a hot trend

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