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Brief Tutorial on APA Dissertation Citation

November 12, 2021

Formatting is non-negotiable in academic writing. Instructions will indicate the style to use. Citing dissertation APA or MLA will depend on your discipline of study and instructions from your tutor. The level to which you adhere to these formatting instructions will determine your performance.

Citations form a crucial part of formatting in academic writing. They help a reader to trace back information to the original document. They also indicate the kind of document that information has come from. It is also a way of attributing information to the original owner and, in the process, avoiding the accusation of plagiarism. APA citation dissertation is just one of the formatting styles to use.

Why should you stick to APA dissertation citation when the instructions indicate so?

  • Formatting forms part of the points used when grading. If the instructions indicate that you cite dissertation APA, your grade will depend on how well you followed these instructions. It is, therefore, part of protecting your performance.
  • Formatting creates uniformity. Everyone reading your paper will know that you are referring to a research article, journal, book, website, television program, and such other sources of research information. A reader will also know the exact material to refer to based on the information captured in your APA dissertation reference. Two people reading the same paper will not turn to different books or articles. It is a perfect way to guarantee uniformity in academic matters.
  • Avoid plagiarism – citing sources indicates that you are not the original owner of the ideas. You are just copying the ideas from other authors. It indicates your sincerity, one of the most important attributes in academic writing. Your APA cite a dissertation is an admission that the work does not belong to you.

The APA format for dissertation is not easy to master. It comes with numerous requirements based on the type of material you are citing. For instance, you are required to cite a book differently from a television program. It means applying a different formula each time you have academic material that requires referencing. How can you master APA dissertation citation?

  • Use APA dissertation example. The example should come from credible sources like your supervisor or the library. Online databases are also excellent sources of credible samples.
  • Hire a professional writer to cite the sources for you. The professionals are available from writing websites. Their experience in APA dissertation citation ensures that they execute the instructions accurately.
  • Use citation tools – these are websites and apps where you enter details of the materials being cited. The app will automatically generate the citation. It leaves you to only worry about the content of your paper.

Accuracy during citation is paramount. It would mislead a reader if some of the details are incorrect. Take all possible measures to guarantee accurate citation.

Here are APA citation guidelines provided by DissertationTeam to help you achieve this accuracy:

  • Citing an encyclopedia, thesaurus, or dictionary with several authors
  • Organization or institution name, the year (in brackets), Title of the entry, title of the work you have referred, (include the edition and page number), name of the publisher.

  • Work cited from a secondary source
  • Capture the source from where the original work was cited. You will be copying from the author of the original book.

  • Report by an organization or government agency
  • Name of the agency or organization, year of publication, the title of the report, and URL-if available

  • Unpublished dissertation or thesis
  • Author, date of presentation, the title of the dissertation, name of the institution, and finally its location. Note that the name is given in full and not as an abbreviation.

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