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Simple Dissertation Methodology Guide for Beginners

November 12, 2021

The methodology section of a dissertation tells the reader of the approach you used during research. It indicates the tools and philosophy behind the research choices you made. Through this information, the reader can ascertain the validity of your findings.

The chapter methodology in dissertation is one of the shortest sections. However, it is an anchor that will determine whether a reader believes in your work or not. The belief or doubt will depend on whether your approach is convincing or not.

Here are excellent tips on how to write a methodology section:

Understand the value of the methodology section

The best way to master how to write a dissertation methodology is to know its value in research. Scholars want a guarantee that the research findings were arrived at using an authentic route. If they have a reason to doubt that route, they will also not agree with the findings. Appreciate the fact that all scholarly eyes are on your methodology and give it all the attention it deserves.

Use methodology samples

How about seeing what other people have done with their methodology chapters? You will learn how to write a good methodology section by imitating the best papers. Use a sample or example from credible sources. Your supervisor is willing to give you the best sample. Discuss any areas you do not understand in the sample.

Other samples come from the library. Libraries vet all the materials added to their shelves. The vetting ensures that you end up with the best quality resources. If you use a poor-quality example, you end up with a wrong or inappropriate dissertation methodology.

Writing services will provide customized dissertation methodology samples. Provide the writers with the instructions. They may also help you to write the entire paper, saving you time and resources. Professional writers will assist you to crack the most difficult topic.

Hire a professional dissertation methodology writer

A dissertation section is guided by strict rules. The rules can be confusing even for the most prolific writer. Failure to understand these rules will result in wasted time. To avoid this hustle, hire a professional in writing a dissertation methodology. The writers are available online from writing services.

Professional writers have handled numerous other academic papers. Their experience and expertise guarantee the best paper. The writers free your time to allow you to focus on other engagements like starting a business, work, family, or just relaxing.

Rules to guide your dissertation methodology chapter:

  • Capture all the research tools and methods used – the chapter indicates that you will be exploring the methods used in research. Your description must, therefore, indicate that you used questionnaires, interviews, surveys, or such research methods. You must also indicate the tools used in the analysis.
  • Provide a justification – why were the methods and tools most appropriate for your research? Is there a chance that you could have used other methods or tools and gotten different or more accurate results? Were the methods or tools biased? The justification eliminates any doubt that the research was skewed.
  • Write in the past tense – the research indicates work already done. You are describing the tools you used and the approach you took. It can only be done in the past tense.
  • Include shortcomings – the methodology for dissertation is also a chance to demonstrate that no research is perfect. Highlight the challenges you faced and leave room for future researchers to probe some of the dimensions you could not handle better.
  • Cite the sources used to determine the methods. The choice of tools and methods is an academic exercise. It is informed by rules. You must cite the scholars who directed you to one method and not the other. It gives impetus to your choices.

The academic viability of your research is anchored on the methodology section. Readers will believe your work based on the information you provide in this section. Spend time to create the best section and your paper will make more sense to the reader.

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