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15 Best Topics for Dissertation in Finance

November 12, 2021

The topic you choose for your finance dissertation will determine its quality. It might appear as a short sentence or phrase at the beginning, but it carries a lot of weight. It will determine your overall writing experience and at the same time shape the perception of anyone who reads your paper.

The academic world abhors obvious topics. Everyone is looking for new finance thesis topics. According to dissertation experts, the topics must meet particular conditions.

  • Fresh – the best finance dissertation topics are new to readers. Keep off the old and mundane topics that do not provide anything new to add. You are supposed to choose a topic that makes the most experienced professor desire to read your paper.
  • Interesting – make the time spent reading the dissertation valuable by discussing an interesting topic. The most compelling finance dissertation topics promise an engaging discussion. Such topics make it worthwhile to read through a paper.
  • Specific – the top topics for dissertation in finance address a particular issue and nothing else. By looking at the topic, you can tell the issue under discussion. If you are looking for such information, you will continue reading. If the topic does not indicate that the information can be found in the topic, you skip the paper.
  • Relevant – the most relevant finance dissertation topics capture the imagination of a reader. The topics are attractive because they answer the questions that a reader may have. They help readers to find solutions to prevailing finance challenges.

Choose an original topic to ensure that readers have valuable information from your paper. If you have to discuss an old topic, you must find a new perspective. You should also choose strong and researchable dissertation topics in finance.

If the rules for choosing a dissertation topic are these strict, where is a student expected to find the best topic? Here are the best sources of fresh topics for your dissertation in finance.

Media coverage

The media is an excellent guide when looking for relevant research ideas. It covers prevailing challenges and discussions in a sector. It is one of the best sources of dissertation topics for finance because you will be addressing a relevant discussion. The topics will be fresh and at the top of the minds of stakeholders in the industry.

Research suggestions

Scholars suggest areas that require further research at the ‘Recommendation’ section of their research work. The scholars are giving you a hint of topics of finance dissertation topics that require more probing. It means that other people are looking for information on the subject. If you were to study the subject, you will be solving a huge problem for the academic world.


What are you passionate about? Do you have a subject that you would like to study or add your input to? Use the dissertation writing opportunity to add your ideas to the subject. It is an excellent source of finance dissertation topics, especially enabling you to produce the most captivating paper.

Prompts from your supervisor

Discuss your idea with your supervisor. Supervisors understand student strengths and weaknesses. Their experience in academia is also a reason to trust their instincts when crafting finance dissertation topics. Their exposure also helps you to avoid repetition.

Here is a list of topics for dissertation in finance for you to consider:

  1. Venture capitalism and the habit of corporate opportunism
  2. Micro-finance idea and its uptake among women in developing countries
  3. Performance-based management in corporate circles
  4. Business lessons during the coronavirus disease pandemic
  5. Effect of the pandemic on the creditworthiness of individuals and businesses
  6. Impact of the pandemic on savings and the savings culture
  7. Vulnerabilities in business and personal finance exposed by the coronavirus pandemic
  8. Entrepreneurship in the middle of a crisis
  9. Reliance on foreign aid by third world countries and its impact on future liquidity
  10. Foreign direct investment in developing countries
  11. Portfolio optimizing; risks and opportunities
  12. How to conduct effective management audits
  13. Dividend policy and capital structure
  14. Brexit and its impact on global transactions
  15. IPO valuation


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