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How to change Magento theme

How to change magento theme for your store? In order to change Magento theme, first, you need to find a new theme and download it. You can download new themes from many sources:

In this tutorial, we’re gonna show you 2 ways to change your Magento themes

- Change your Magento theme from Magentoconnect

- Change you Magento theme you downloaded/purchased from other sources

How to change Magento theme from Magentoconnect?

After you picked a theme at Magentoconnect theme section, open its details page, click on Install Now

Choose the Magento Connect version (if you are using Magento 1.5 or newer, you need to select version 2.0, otherwise leave the default 1.0) > read and agree to the extension license agreement and click on the Get Extension Key button.

how to change magento theme 1

The extension key will be visible. Select key to copy it.

Open the Magento Admin Area->System->Magento Connect->Magento Connect Manager. Enter again the admin login details and paste the extension key in the Paste extension key to install field. Click on the Install button.

how to change magento theme 2

Once the installation is completed, go back to the Magento Admin section and open System->Configuration->Design->Themes.

Insert the theme name in the Default field and click on the Save Config button.

how to change magento theme 3

The front page might not load correctly. The reason could be the number of the columns in the new theme’s home page layout.

You can fix this through the Magento Admin Area->CMS->Pages. You will find two home pages. One is with 2 columns layout and the other is with one. Disable the first one and enable the second by clicking on their status links.

how to change magento theme 4

Now the front page will appear correctly with the new theme.

how to change magento theme 5

How to change Magento theme you downloaded from other sources?

Step 1: Uploading your theme

After downloading magento theme as a .zip file, just unzip your theme, you’ll want to upload it to your web hosting provider. Being the great decision-maker that you are, you’ve chosen one of the best shopping cart scripts on the market, and have also probably chosen Nexcess’ secured and optimized Magento hosting environment for your site. Fortunately, however, the following will be the same no matter who your web host is. Depending upon the Theme you choose you will see at least 2 folders.


Note: Some themes include a /js folder as well.

Connect to your web host via FTP, and upload them to the root of your website.

2. Activate your Theme

Now, login to your Magento admin panel and choose System -> Configuration from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. On the left menu click on “Design”. Click on the “Themes” header to expand the section.

You will see 5 fields:

  • Translations
  • Templates
  • Skin (Images / CSS)
  • Layout
  • Default

These fields are where you will add your theme name. The first field “Translations”, is usually kept blank unless you are using an alternate language.

Lets say we downloaded a style named Blue, enter “blue” into the Templates, Skin, Layout, and Default fields and click Save Config. The name of the theme and the name you are entering in to each field will differ depending upon the theme you choose. Some themes will come with multiple colors so the fields may not all be the same name.

Now, go to the main page of your storefront, and admire your new theme!

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    I have a theme that has several different layouts. I need to use more than one them for my project. I want to be able to incorporate a different theme for each different category. Is this possible?


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    Thank you for this helpful tutorial, I’ve got a beautiful theme at magentodownload.net and successfully change my site’s apprearance

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