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How to show product discount percent in Magento

For many business, discount is a smart way to encourage customers to buy more products, it’s also a good way to increase customer’s loyalty to your store.

In case you want to display Product Discount percent in product page, follow this  tutorial:

Open app/design/frontend/yourpackage/yourtheme/template/catalog/product/price.phtml


Add above it:
The result will be:
You can also stylize it with CSS to get something more professional like this:
There’re also a extension that help add labels to product image, take a look here
Everything is done, if you have any question, feel free to ask, Good luck!

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    Tapparit Rukthawornwong

    How can I modify css file to show 50% discount as a ribbon on the left-top image.

    Thanks in advance.

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    thanku sir .. thanx a lot .. sir i want to know how to customised the css . so that it will look like your discount style . if possible send me the links to my website or posted below. thanx advance

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