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Magento theme tutorials, learn how to create magento theme, customize and setup theme on your store.

Top 8 new Magento themes with clean & responsive design 2015

smjle responsive multipurpose magento theme

Staying on top of the ever-changing flow of ecommerce is like riding the river rapids, you have to put lots of effort in your online business to stay competitive. Design is one of the most important factors that keeps your Magento store stand out from the crowd, today, responsive design is a must as the number of mobile device users ... Read More »

6 Most Important Factors of a Successful Magento Theme

jewelry magento responsive theme

As buying products at home is a great way to save a lot of time and efforts, the popularity of eCommerce has largely grown lately. With the rise of this tendency, sellers focused on creating top-notch sites that would ensure smooth shopping experience for their customers and let them stay ahead in a competitive environment. To build successful online stores, ... Read More »

How to add or remove Newsletter, Subscribe form to Footer/Header in Magento

magento newsletter

How to Add Newsletter subscriber form in Footer: Step 1: Edit newsletter.xml located in app/design/frontend/default/your_theme/layout/newsletter.xml, you will see the following code: [crayon-595709c6f1099375866956/] Step 2: Change reference name value from left to Footer, now it will be: [crayon-595709c6f10a2721391303/] Step 3: Locate file [crayon-595709c6f10a6783273954-i/]  in: [crayon-595709c6f10aa047694523-i/] , add the following code snipet to the section you want to show newsletter block: [crayon-595709c6f10ae514082269/] How to Add ... Read More »



For developers who’re new to Magento. there’s always confusion between layout and view system of Magento. In this tutorial, we will clarify what exactly LAYOUTS, BLOCKS and TEMPLATES in MAGENTO and what are their roles in MVC model. In Magento, View class includes Block and Template. Block are php objects while Template are files that contains a mix of HTML and PHP (phtml extension). In template ... Read More »

Mastering Magento Theme Design ebook

mastering magento theme design ebook

Mastering Magento Theme Design ebook pdf epub explores Magento theme design from basic theme structures to an advanced options panel, and provides you with the advanced knowledge that you need on the front-end of this great CMS. We hope after reading this ebook, you will have a strong background on Magento theme design, especially on Responsive design for Magento – world’s ... Read More »

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