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Series of magento Tutorial For Beginners

Top 5 affordable Magento hosting


What is the best and most affordable magento hosting provider? I know this is a big question that many magento store owners are searching for an answer to! Well, actually, there’s no BEST Magento hosting, it’s a fact that Quality is equivalent to Price. When it comes to Magento, we all know that it’s become the most powerful online eCommerce platform lately. It is an open-source ... Read More »

Magento Tutorial for Beginners (Part 1) – What is Magento? Why use MAGENTO?


Magento was designed for those who need a flexible and full-rich ecommerce platform. This 100% open-source eCommerce solution is open for free download and allows users to design, set up, and run their own eCommerce stores as they want. However, using the program requires some basic knowledge of how it works and to run it properly need a designer/developer. Therefore, we decide to ... Read More »

How to install Magento on Xampp localhost

xampp localhost magento

In this tutorial, we will go through step by step to install Magento store on Xampp Localhost, this installation includes 4 main steps: Install Xampp Pre-configuration before installing Magento Install Magento on Localhost Recommeded settings after installing Magento 1. Installing Xampp on localhost. We have a full Xampp video installation tutorial, you can see this guide here (video) => How ... Read More »

Form validation in Magento, list of all Form validation rules in Magento

form validation magento

Magento uses Prototype library as javascript library to manage form validation. This is quite helpful, because all you need to do when writing a custom form is to assign a valid class names to input fields, and pass the form id to VarienForm object. Now, take a quick look at this example of Magento form validation. [crayon-5452d2c7f2f74249660354/] Below are all validation rules you can use, ... Read More »

How to programmatically delete order in Magento

how to delete orders in magento

Have you questioned yourself how to delete test order created in Magento? You got a Magento project, you placed some test orders to see if Shipping and Payment methods work as expected. Everything seems to be cool and the client wishes to launch the site. You launch it. When you enter the administration for the first time after the launch, you ... Read More »

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