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Series of magento tutorial for developer

Top 5 affordable Magento hosting


What is the best and most affordable magento hosting provider, is there a deep Magento hosting research about this? I know this is a big question that many magento store owners are searching for an answer to! When it comes to Magento, we all know that it’s become the most powerful online eCommerce platform lately. It is an open-source platform using Zend PHP ... Read More »

Magento tutorial for developer – Part 1 – Introduction to Magento

magento tutorial for developer

What is Magento? It’s the most powerful online eCommerce platform in the universe and is changing the face of eCommerce forever.  Of course, you already know that. What you may not realize is Magento’s also an object-oriented PHP Framework that can be used to develop modern, dynamic web applications that tap into Magento’s powerful eCommerce features. Full series: Magento tutorial for ... Read More »

How to reduce time to first byte (TTFB) and speed up Magento

magento prifiler output

Magento is the great framework for e-commerce websites. It has many extended features but it might be slow. You might be frustrated when you realize that your newly created webshop is not as fast as you would like it to be. In this article I will show you how to make magento faster by optimizing code and reducing time to ... Read More »

How to create “Edit” form in Magento admin backend

create edit form in magento backend

In this tutorial for developer, I will guide you how to create an Edit form in backend of Magento. In particular, you will learn how to use extension Tutorialmagento_Salestaff to add/edit staff information in backend. Main purpose: Create edit form that allows admin to add more staff or edit info of existing staff Step 1. Change action “new” to “edit” By default, ... Read More »

A Handy Guide for Magento Developers – What Developers Can Learn From the Basic Magento Facts


Being a Magento developer you are definitely on the search of new avenues to expand your knowledge regarding the structural working and functioning of Magento platform. Due to the flexible nature of Magento, it is not possible to drive a single way in which it could be customized. And since, it’s a constant revolving platform, designers and developers want to ... Read More »

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