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Survey about Magento one step checkout extension


You want to equip your store with a powerful check out extension but don’t know which provider offers best product? In this survey, you will find out who’s the best provider and what features of check out extension that many customers are looking for. Below is the result so far *Click for full-size display Read More »

How to use Magento’s Import/Export Profiles


Recently, we’ve received lots of inquiries about using built-in import function of Magento – Magento’s Import Profile. Today, we will write a complete guide to help you better understand this function. Step 1: First, we need to generate an Import file, this file contains all data you will import to your Magento site. For a proper import file, you should export ... Read More »

How to create magento configurable product

magento configurable product tutorial

Right out of the box, Magento provides several built-in product types which allows it to accommodate many of the most common products for sale on the web today without additional customization. Simple product types in Magento include Simple, Virtual and Downloadable. Complex product types include Grouped, Configurable and Bundled. If you want to make a simple product, they are covered ... Read More »

Set quality of magento product images


You want to reduce quality of some product images for different purposes, like improve site’s performance, improve user’s experience… So. have you ever questioned how to set quality of magento catalog product images directly in template files? There is no need to duplicate and edit core files or adapters. New method called setQuality has been implemented since Magento CE 1.4 ... Read More »

How to add to Contact Us Form in Magento


Contact us is one of the most important pages for every website, especially Ecommerce website. In Magento, this is not easily editable by default, the only way to edit the contacts page is to edit the file that includes the contact form. In this tutorial, we will go through how to change/edit your contact form. There’re 4 steps to be taken: 1. Connect ... Read More »

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