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Why Magento is now unbeatable open source shopping cart weapon?

Magento is now becoming the unbeatable shopping cart weapon and thanks to Magento community who are striving hard to make this as a huge success for businesses. Magento development has now become easier and achievable because of the Magento community and forums where we can get almost all answers. It is a very sophisticated and systematic open source tool as compared to other open source shopping cart tool and there are many areas where it can be compared to prove as the best among other open source tools.

Being an Ecommerce Developer specialized in Magento Development, I can point out Magento as most favorable due to its advantages over other open source platforms. The most important advantage that I found is the architecture of Magento which follows the well known MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. Magento has its own addition to the architecture to help Magento developers build successful ecommerce stores. Magento architecture allows you to handle multiple sites / store through same Administration panel. This has helped big ecommerce giants to turn towards Magento for managing their ecommerce stores.

Magento connect is another package provided by Magento community. Commonly known as Magento extension marketplace, Magento connect powers your Magento store with highly packed features which will surely make your ecommerce experience better with Magento. There are more than 1700+ extensions for Magento and newer extensions are added day by day by Magento community developers.


Admin Interface of Magento helps you to manage your ecommerce store easily as compared to other open source ecommerce solutions. Some of the features of Admin panel like the customizable attribute sets, layered navigation, checkout options, custom options etc makes you ecommerce store management more simples and easier. The most helpful feature in the admin panel is the STORE VIEW that allows you to sell your product on multiple stores with different prices and languages.

If you want to offer you customer an easy and smooth navigation and better experience, then you must switch to Magento as its feature rich store view enhances customer experience. Layered navigation, category wise product display, auto complete search, enlarged product view, product comparison and easy checkout process elaborates how powerful and intuitive is Magento front end. Magento checkout gives you the option to choose multiple shipping addresses. This makes the shopping more comfortable and encourages users to buy multiple items in a single checkout process.

Now Magento is turning smarter with its HTML 5 mobile compatible theme. World is turning smarter with smart phone then why not Magento. With HTML 5 template, one can turn his / her Magento store optimized for smartphones. Being a Magento developer, i can see the efforts given by Magento community developers to build it as a successful ecommerce experience. For those you want to set up their online store without any hickups, just consult Magento website Development Company or Hire a Magento developer to get started with one of the biggest success in ecommerce arena.

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    I am agree with you Anelie. Magento ecommerce solution has become the most demanding open source platform of today’s online retail store businesses since it provides a tremendous advantage. With Magento Ecommerce Platform, online store owners are being given the capability of handling multiple stores and facilitate a more systematized browsing of items for sale. Improved management of customer’s orders and having more developed promotional or advertising tools also comes possible with Magento Ecommerce.



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