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How to setup a free blog for your Magento site with Aheadworks’ blog extension

Blog is very important, it’s not just a place where you can post news about your business like promotion, updates… today it’s also an ultimate SEO tool. A blog increase your internal links as well as adding more valuable content to your site. In this tutorial, We’ll go through how to Setup a free Blog in Magento with Aheadworks’ free Blog extension.

Demo of extension can be found here:

Front-end demo: http://blog.demo.aheadworks.com/index.php/news/

Back-end demo: http://blog.demo.aheadworks.com/index.php/admin?demo=guest

Step 1: Download

Magento Blog extensions is a free product developed by Aheadworks, you can get it for free from Magentoconnect

blog extension

Magento Blog – By Aheadworks.


On Magento Connect page, click on Get Now and select the Magento version you’re currently using, if you are using Magento 1.5 or newer, you need to select version 2.0

blog extension by aheadworks

Now You will be provided with the Extension key:

blog extension key


Quick note: remember to host your Magento site on a good Magento hosting to ensure that the blog won’t slow down your whole site, take a look at this Magento hosting review to pick a good one.

Step 2: Install Blog extension

Now go to Backend of your Magento site and go to System >> Magneto Connect >> Magento Connect Manager and insert the extension key you got in Step 1

magento connect manager

Next, click Install and then Proceed.

Now, Magento will get the extension and install it for you, after the extension is properly installed a log will appear like this

notification screen magento

Step 3. Configure the blog extension

To change settings of the newly installed extension, go to Blog > Setting, here you can customize your blog like blog title, meta elements, blog layout….

blog extension setting

Once you’re done with the setting, try to add new posts to your blog and result will be like this:

blog example

Now, try to style your Blog with CSS and you will get a beautiful blog like these:

There are some common problems you will meet during the installation of Blog extension, here are solutions:

Problem 1: ‘Blog’ menu option not shown in Magento backend toolbar.
How to solve: Your Magento site was cached, just log out of admin and clear your browser cache and then refresh the page.
Problem 2: 404 Error / Page not found when visting blog ‘Settings’ menu item.
How to solve: Again, it’s due to cache, you need to sign out of Magento admin to clear browser cache. Then log in again to check if the error’s gone.

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    Hi! can you help me to resolve an issue in my site? 404 not found when visiting frontend page for blog… http://hobbyistplace.com/blog/

    Thanks in advance

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    Giving me error as community/AW_Blog: No releases for ‘AW_Blog’, skipping…please help me..

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