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Top 5 affordable Magento hosting

What is the best and most affordable magento hosting provider? I know this is a big question that many magento store owners are searching for an answer to!

Well, actually, there’s no BEST Magento hosting, it’s a fact that Quality is equivalent to Price. When it comes to Magento, we all know that it’s become the most powerful online eCommerce platform lately. It is an open-source platform using Zend PHP and MySQL databases. All these features, however, make Magento very resource-demanding platform and overloads the servers of many hosts.

So, what should we take into account when looking for a good Magento hosting?

  • Server Uptime: this is the most important key factor, Uptime is the amount of time that a server has stayed up and running online, we certainly want our Magento hosting to stay online 24/24 so that we will not miss any order.
  • Load Speed: with a fast load speed hosting, your customers will have better user-experience, they can check more products, read more pages on your sites and of course, they are likely to buy more products.
  • Server specifications: Make sure that the hosting you’re going to choose meets Magento system requirements (see more)
  • Price: Price is always a big concern, assuming that you’ve just started your new Magento store and you need money for many business activities such as: Marketing, advertising, hiring employees… so it’s just really great if you can find an affordable Magento hosting plan to start off (remember we can upgrade hosting plan whenever we want when our business grows big enough)
  • Server Location: This is mostly for SEO purpose, if you target customers in US, then go ahead with a Magento hosting in US. If you are looking to target the UK customers then make sure that your Magento server is hosted in the UK, this will benefits your site’s ranking in Search engine as your site are running under an IP from targeted country.
  • Support for hosting-related Magento issues: it’s also important that the hosting provide can provide reliable support for all web hosting related problems and for Magento issues as well. Make sure that they can deal with simple hosting-related Magento issues (not all complicated Magento issues)

With the list of shared Cheap Magento hosting listed below, we make it easier for you to choose the host provider that best suitable for your needs and start building your own Magento store immediately. The servers of these Magento hosts meet all Magento system requirements and their technical/support teams will be able to help you out with web hosting problems and most if not all Magento related issues you might encounter.

Best magento hosting

Web Host Magento Installation Theme Installation Magento Support Specials Rating Price
SiteGround  1-Click Instal FREE Professional Installation(*) FREE & Magento Optimized 24/24 Live chat Hosting & Application Issues FREE SuperCaching FREE CDN for More Speed 10 $3.95/momore details siteground magento hosting
Arvixe yes cheap magento hosting 1 click installation1-Click Installation FREE Professional Installation Magento Optimized 24/24 Live chat Hosting & Application Issues FREE CDN + Life-time free domain 9.9 $4/momore details arvixe magento hosting
Nexcess 1-Click Install Free & Magento Optimized Hosting & Some Application Issues FREE SuperCaching FREE CDN for More Speed 9.8 $7.95/momore details Nexcess magento hosting
Blue Host yes affordable magento hosting 1 click installation1-Click Install No Hosting Issues Only FREE CDN 9.7 $4.95/momore details bluehost magento hosting
HostGator yes best magento hosting 1 click installation1-Click Install No 24/24 Live chat Hosting & Application Issues FREE SuperCaching FREE CDN for More Speed 9.6 $3.96/momore details hostgator magento hosting

*Refer: How to Properly install Magento in 5 minutes

What is the most prominent features of these top 5 affordable Magento hosting?

1. Siteground.

SiteGround Magento Hosting

  • UNLIMITED Disk space, Bandwidth, Domains.
  • US, EU, ASIA Server location available.
  • Price: $3.95/MONTH (60% OFF NOW the regular $9.95/mo).
  • 30 DAY Money Back Guarantee.
  • Home page: www.siteground.com.

2. Arvixe.

Arvixe Magento Hosting

  • UNLIMITED Disk space, Bandwidth, Domains.
  • Price: $4/MONTH. Use coupon MAGENTO25OFF to get 25% OFF for first order
  • 60 DAY Money Back Guarantee.
  • Home page: www.arvixe.com.

3. Nexcess.

Nexcess Magento Hosting

  • UNLIMITED Disk space, Bandwidth, Domains.
  • Price: $6/month
  • 30 DAY Money Back Guarantee.
  • Home page: www.nexcess.net/magento-hosting.

4. Blue Host.

Blue Magento Hosting

  • UNLIMITED Disk space, Bandwidth, Domains.
  • Price: $4.95/month
  • 30 DAY Money Back Guarantee.
  • Home page: www.bluehost.com.

5. Host Gator.

Hostgator Magento Hosting

  • UNLIMITED Disk space, Bandwidth, Domains.
  • Price: $3.96/MONTH. (Enter coupon code: Magentotutorial to get 25% more discount)
  • 45 DAY Money Back Guarantee.
  • $100 GOOGLE ADWORDS Credit (US only).
  • Home page: www.hostgator.com.

To Sum It All Up…

When looking to host brand new magento websites, choosing a web hosting service and plan is a simple task: get the smallest shared web hosting plan with the cheapest price (anything less than $10/month would be ideal), and simply upgrade only when your business grows big enough!
Question updated (10/20/2014): When is the right time to upgrade my Magento hosting plan to VPS or dedicated server?
If your current hosting can’t handle your site as traffic/number of products keep growing or you require more power for future business plan, VPS or ultimately dedicated hosting is the way to go. Use your site’s existing server data to help decide on a plan that is financially and technologically feasible for your means, you can check consumed Ram, CPU, HDD of your current Magento hosting, it they are running out => it’s the right time to upgrade to VPS (Should stay at <50%).
My last words, never go for “overkill” in terms of server requirements. Only pay for what’s necessary, and upgrade when you have to.

About Rodriguez

Rodriguez is a content editor at Tutorial Magento. His passion is to write about review, comparison of magento extensions, magento hostings, magento themes from different providers


  1. avatar

    Hi Brian,
    In your article, you mentioned a key factor for choosing Magento hosting: “Server Uptime”. Is there a tool to check/monitor this?

  2. avatar

    For a website running on an eCommerce platform like Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart…. you need to make sure that the hosting/vps you want to host your site meets minimum system requirements. I used a shared hosting for my new Magento website in 8 months before changing to a VPS as traffic and product number increased, that saved me a large sum of money for the starting period of my store.

  3. avatar

    yes, we are using siteground for our webstore https://www.galeripos.com/ and it’s really good

  4. avatar

    Hi everyone, just want to share my experience with shared hosting for Magento. My new Magento site has around ~200 visitors/day and it’s running on a shared hosting plan from Siteground (GoGeek). Sometimes I feel that load speed is just fair compared to VPS hosting, however, I’m happy with uptime, since I used the hosting package, my site’s never been down.

  5. avatar


    my ecommerce site based on magneto http://www.craftvatika.com

    the site is new and traffic around 25-30/days

    but site is very slow and even using high resources and CPU on hostgator

    our hosting is share hosting because traffic is low

    hostgator warned us that site is using high resources. can you please guide that if i shift to other hosting like siteground . will increase site speed ?.

  6. avatar

    HI, I have got a magento site on a shared plan at Hostgator that takes 2,4 for load and 0,889 for first byte and receive from 20 to 50 visitors/day, will I notice any difference if I move to siteground(still shared)? Should I consider a VPS?

    • avatar

      Hi Luca, with the number of your daily visitors, it’s still fine to use shared hosting. When the number reaches ~2.000/day the it’s the time to upgrade to VPS
      With SiteGround and Hostgator, actually you will see not much difference between the 2 hosting providers. Also, I think your load time is good and you don’t need to move to another server.

  7. avatar

    Hi Brian, I’ve been using Siteground shared hosting for Magento for years, now my business has grown steadily and I need to use VPS as shared hosting couldn’t afford the number of increasing daily visitors & total products. Could you please advice which VPs provider should I use? Will there be any troubles when moving from shared hosting to VPS?

  8. avatar

    hello i used blue host when magento was still in 1.5, bluehost just didn’t work for magento sites(i don’t know what it is now,but i’m a bit supprised).so i changed to dreamhost,it was better but not optimized for magento. now i’m using siteground,it’s the best in cheap magento hosting.You give it 10 score which i think it’s too high. i can give it 8.5. because the server disk is too small.

  9. avatar

    Thanks for the reviews on Magento hosting, I chose Siteground for my new store and seems like everything is working well. Siteground support is very helpful, I have a phone call right after I purchased the hosting package and the supporter helped me with several basic setting.

  10. avatar

    Thanks for the review. I noticed that SiteGround previously wasn’t allowing Magento on their servers as InnoDB wasn’t supported. But now InooDB has been installed to their servers. Try Siteground to use Magento

  11. avatar

    Web hosting is quite essential if you would like run a stable and quick-loading Magento store.I want to start a magento based marketplace website.suggest plz?

    • avatar

      Hi Daniel, could you estimate traffic to your website? I will be able to give better advice on suitable Magento hosting package with a figure.

  12. avatar

    Hi Brian,
    Is there a tool for checking up-time of the hosting in list?

    • avatar

      Hi Moss, I think this is the tool you are looking for: http://uptimerobot.com/
      By using this tool, you can monitor 24/24 uptime of a Magento webshop and you can also get notification through email. I’m using this tool to keep monitoring of my Magento store

      • avatar

        That’s a good tool for checking hosting uptime. I’ve been using that tool for monitoring hosting of my Magento store for years. If the uptime is less than 95% we should look for another Magento hosting provider

  13. avatar

    Hi everyone, I wish I found this Magento hosting comparison sooner. I’m running my store http://www.refleczo.com/ with ~200+ products and about 2300 pageviews/day on SiteGround GoGeek package, the performance is quite ok, it returns 82 score on Pingdom
    Previously I run my store on Godaddy and it was a terrible experience, Pingdom returns 68 score back then. Godaddy’s hosting is not stable for hosting a Magento site.
    I think SiteGround is a wise choice.
    ~ Reganha ~

  14. avatar

    I want to start a magento based marketplace website with using Unirgy uMarketplace suite. I plan to have around 10k products on my website and my target audience will be from India. What do you suggest?

    • avatar

      Hi Raj,
      Could you let me know the estimated traffic of your site? I will have a better recommendation base on both traffic and number of products

  15. avatar

    Hi Brian, thank you for the review. I’m gonna open a new Magento site, through keyword research, I found out that main keywords search volume is about ~10.000/month. Could you give a recommendation on which Magento hosting I can use for my website?

    • avatar

      Hi Henderson,
      With the provided keyword volume, I think your store will have around 6000 visits from non-paid sources (Google Organic, forum, blog…) if it stays on page 1 of Google SERP. You may use SiteGround GoGeek package for your Magento site. GoGeek package can handle up to 25000 visits/month, so you can be assured that your store will perform well without bandwidth limitation.
      Hope this help

  16. avatar

    Hey Brian,
    I m building a ecommerce website which will have around half million simple products …. Not shown independently …. Al shown in combination of another 50 k group products …. I m frM india …. What do you suggest ….

    • avatar

      Hi Shalin, you should estimate your site’s traffic before choosing an appropriate hosting package. You may use tools like Google Keyword Planners to forecast traffic from Organic Search and Paid Search, plus your estimated Referral Traffic.
      Also, with the provided number of products, I can see that your business is quite big, I recommend using at least a VPS to start your Magento site (SiteGround Cloud VPS hosting is recommended) . If your site is growing fast and the VPS cannot handle site, upgrade to Dedicated hosting as soon as possible

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